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Habits of People Who Are Always On Time

There are certain building blocks that are key to an individual’s success, whether it be financially, personally, or professionally.  The habits your form today can set you up for success long term and it can also take indefinite stressors out of your life.  I don’t know about you, but I have put myself in multiple situations where I am flying around my house trying to find my car keys, just knowing I am putting myself 10-15 minutes late for something I should never be late for. Or the famous cell phone in the couch scenario, how many times have you been there? You swear your phone has disappeared into a black hole, only to find it slightly wedged between the couch cushions, which in turn makes you another 10 minutes late. Not only is being late extremely embarrassing, it is also rude to the person wasting their time waiting on you, as well as irresponsible with time management on your part. I am going to go over a few tips that I learned from people who are rarely, if ever, late for anything.

“Time Has a Wonderful Way Of Showing Us What Really Matters.”

Are you that friend that is chronically late for everything? Well there is a underlying message that goes along with that habit, and it is a habit of being chronically rude toward someone else’s time. I don’t know about you, but my days are packed to the brim with activities and meetings. If I have a meeting that goes late by 10-15 minutes it will throw off the next endeavor. People who are always on time have tapped into a little secret that is perfectly do-able for anyone who knows how to work a clock. Set your car clock, watch, and other manual clocks forward by 15 minutes! Yes, it may seem like a lot, but it will give you a better sense of urgency when you fall behind. I was told when I was younger; if you are not 15 minutes early you are late!

Simple Planning

No one is asking you to spend hours upon hours meal prepping, and closet planning (but hey it helps!). On the lighter side of things, it is important to use the night before as a rule of thumb to fumble around with clothing ideas, and lunch plans. Just by knowing your outfit for the day, it will take 5-10 minutes off of your morning routine. If you already have a breakfast made, and a lunch semi-packed you have the ability to shave 20+ minutes off of your normal routine in the morning. Hello free time! Not to mention, your meal choices will be much healthier most likely which will help keep you on track with your nutrition and wellness.

Check The Tank

The famous gas tank panic. We have all sadly been there, and know how long it can take to find a gas station, pull in, and fill up the tank when you are in a hurry. This can be critical to making you late. Many times people who are punctual never let their gas tanks go past the ¼ full mark. They fill up when they are not in a hurry, and when they are conveniently near a gas station. When you are in a flurry, and start your car you will be relieved to see that gas gage sitting on full. Gas stations won’t make you late today!

Command Station

A command station, or even a simple bowl to drop your keys and phones in will save you utter panic, and a lot of time each day. There is nothing worse than having to explain that you couldn’t find your car keys (which is why you were 20 minutes late). It just does not look good even if you are meeting a close friend. Have a simple bowl or “dropping place” where you can make it a habit to drop important items such as car keys and cell phones. No more searching in coat pockets, or sifting through dirty laundry for car keys that seem to hide from you!

No matter what your habits, it is always good to form some kind of routine for a guaranteed fresh start each day. Many of these tips will not only help you in the morning, but throughout the day to ensure punctuality when you need it most. Not only will you have less stress in your life, but also you will be communicating a strong message to people who you come into contact with daily. Time can communicate a lot of underlying messages (even if you don’t want them to), which is why you want to manage it in the best way possible. By following these simple tips, you will be on your way to a simpler and tardy free lifestyle.

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Written by Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones

My name is Lauren, and I come from a longstanding background of fitness and nutrition. Whether it be hiking, running, camping, or just enjoying cooking in the kitchen I have made health a focal point of my life. I love to incorporate movement, and wellness in everything I do!


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