In this life, there is one thing that we have the power to control and that is our mind and our thoughts. Although there are going to be hardships and obstacles that can take us through emotional rollercoasters and rough patches that seem unbearable, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel (if we choose to see it that is). The ultimate goal for each day should be to find happiness. In all that you do and all of your actions, it is up to you to take charge of your heart and find that happiness within yourself.

 Think For A Minute About One Of The Major Challenges You Are Facing Right Now…

 Confidence? Motivation? Weight Loss? No matter what you are feeling is difficult to overcome, thousands of others out there, just like you, are feeling the exact same way. Today we have so many different forms of communication and media to show us the glamorous lives of others and how they do not seem to have anywhere close to the problems that we have. It is important to understand that we only catch a glimpse of the realities or faux realities of those people for that matter. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to them. It is hard to resist, but comparison is most definitely one of the major thieves of happiness.

Be Thankful

I remember being told once that it is absolutely impossible to be grateful while unhappy at the same time. If you are sitting there in a hard time thinking of all that you are blessed with in your very own life, there is no room for the negativity of comparing yourself to others and what you know of their lives. Feeling sorry for yourself is the opposite of gratefulness and will hinder your ability to achieve your goals.

 Weight Loss

Let’s take weight loss as a challenge that we are facing, and do our best to find a solution. We are all different and find motivation in different ways. For some we may look at others and see their lifestyles and find them as inspirational (that is positive). The other perspective would be to look at others and make up a thousand excuses as to why you will never compare to them and sit back and be a victim of your unhealthy choices. Although many of us will not admit it, when you are feeling sorry for yourself, you are choosing the negative perspective, which will almost never result in happiness. When it comes to weight loss and changing your lifestyle to a fit and healthy one, you must make the decision yourself. There are thousands of programs, guides, and trainers to help you along the way, but it all begins in your mind, with YOU.

Let’s challenge ourselves to not let comparison take over, but instead let the happiness within us drive our journey to achieve our own personal goals. The next time we are feeling overwhelmed or bogged down, make yourself think of something you are grateful for, and repeat, eventually it will become a habit. It is amazing what we can accomplish if we are positive in our thoughts and in control of our happiness. Being grateful can never steer you in the wrong direction!

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Written by Kylie Daniels

Kylie Daniels

My name is Kylie Daniels and I have a strong passion for health and nutrition. I was raised in Southern California, and am now attending Boise State University in Idaho to complete my B.B.A. degree in General Business and Marketing. My interest began a few years back when I was a part of the opening of a brand new juice bar. Here I learned the importance of eating healthy, balanced exercise, and the power of a nutritional lifestyle. This education has inspired me to research the latest diets, cleanses, and products to help guide you to be your best self!

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