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Skinny Bitch Review

Do not get confused, Skinny Bitch is a vegan-biased book that raises awareness about the meat industry and the benefits of becoming a part of the vegan lifestyle. But does becoming a vegan make you lose weight?

Very bad!

Review overview


Skinny Bitch is a diet book that aims to promote a vegan lifestyle and gives sassy advice as to how to achieve a skinny figure.


  • Inexpensive book
  • Raises awareness about meat industry


  • Vegan biased
  • Lack of Support
  • Not particularly a diet program
  • Offensive language
  • Hardly any scientific backing

Ratings in depth

  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
1.7 10 Very bad!

The Skinny Bitch Diet is a book that was written by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. Rory Freedman was a former modeling agent and Kim Barnouin was a former model herself. These two collaborated on a book, which later became a number of books regarding nutrition and health. This is not your usual rule-book and diet plan. Through the use of colorful language and girly sass, these two authors paint a vivid picture of the harms of the meat industry and persuade readers to live a vegan lifestyle. According to the author’s message, it takes living a vegan lifestyle to lose weight. Is veganism really the healthiest for you? Oftentimes vegans develop deficiencies in important nutrients such as Vitamin B12. When you cut out foods that naturally provide your body with the proper nutrients it is easy to struggle. We all are well aware, that there are several other ways to lose weight than just following a strict vegan diet.

This conversational text is often mistaken as a diet book. Realistically this book goes more along the lines of a conversational book written to inform readers of the harm that they are facing when indulging in certain foods and a list of foods and products that should be avoided. If you think you can handle the vulgarity of the language and vegan promoting nutrition, this book is available for purchase starting at about $9.99 on tape to about $17.95 in a hardcover. However, if you are looking for a diet plan to follow, this is not it.

Skinny Bitch Claims

This book claims to be A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous” (Skinny Bitch cover). The issue with this book does not so much seem to be with the diet itself, but instead with the approach. As far as the “diet” and nutrition goes, the book pretty much just promotes a vegan diet. With a vulgar language twist, they ban eating meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, white flour, sugar, and artificial flavors. That being said your energy should come from complex carbohydrates like potatoes and whole-wheat pasta.

If you are looking into a vegan diet and want some comedic relief (depending on how easily you get offended) then this might be worth the read, however if you are looking to make a change in lifestyle and lose weight this should definitely not be your go to. They offer some information about nutrition but there is no plan to follow for exercise or any other type of programs involved. Primarily this book makes negative claims about the way foods are processed and the harm in eating meat and supporting the meat industry. Sure, I can get behind that…

Does Skinny Bitch Have Scientific Backing?

There is not any scientific background when it comes to the authors of this book. They have personal experience to share and research that they cite throughout the book, but only unauthorized scientific credibility themselves.

Kim Barnouin, one of the co-authors, attended a non-accredited Medical University by the name of Clayton College of Natural Health. This University has not been accredited therefore it is considered a “diploma mill” or school in which one pays a fee for a course and receives a diploma. In fact, Clayton was an online college that was closed down in 2010. So how exactly does this suffice as trustworthy nutritional background? It doesn’t.

Throughout the book customers have mentioned that there are citations for research, but many were left out of the final bibliography. This actually was a major complaint amongst some of the readers. That being said, research is only considered credible when there are scientific peer reviewed articles or citations of the sort. If there is information being mentioned that is left out of the bibliography one has no choice but to believe that it was made up. We are looking for the facts, this is our body and future health that we are talking about. There is no room for hearsay and people trying to recruit you onto the vegan bandwagon.

Is the Skinny Bitch Method Effective?

Ultimately what this book is providing is all the reasons as to why one should be vegan. There are several differences in the ways our bodies process such foods and a plant-based diet (which is primarily what it means to be vegan) is much simpler and lower in calories, leading to alterations in digestion and in turn the possibility of shedding some pounds. Although this is definitely not always the case. Just because the foods allowed on the diet are primarily lower in fat, the caloric intake and portion sizes are what make the difference when it comes to the nutrition aspect of weight loss. The hard truth is that if you do not follow a strict meal plan or nutrition program, a solid transition to a vegan lifestyle will be nearly impossible. You would be surprised how prevalent dairy products are in normal everyday meals. Just to give you an example, butter is not considered a vegan product therefore it would be banned if you were following the lifestyle. Good luck going out to eat at a restaurant and them not cooking some part of your meal with butter. Obviously, for vegans that have committed themselves to this lifestyle for the sake of animals and other passionate reasons for years on end, they are well aware of the fact that they need to avoid such things. On the other hand someone like you that is unfamiliar is going to need a strict breakdown and program to follow to make the transition and avoid slip ups. In our case, we are looking for a concrete resolution to lose weight and keep it off and this book just does not provide any of the proper elements.

Another issue with the effectiveness of this book is the approach. This book does not even necessarily promote the correlation between a vegan lifestyles and weight loss, but instead all the issues with consuming foods that do not fall under a vegan diet. So if it is not even guaranteed, what are we doing reading a book like this as a tool to kick-start our weight loss?

What Are Skinny Bitch Diet Side Effects?

Although this book should not be considered a diet, it does practically adhere to a vegan lifestyle. There are indeed unsaid side effects to adopting a vegan diet seeing as how it works similar to the elimination diet. This is the case for two reasons.

The first being that there is a good chance you develop intolerance to such foods if you cut them out of your diet for a long period of time. The other reason is that it can be very difficult to take part in if you are not totally convinced that you do not want to consume meat or dairy products for a very long time. If you adopt these habits it normally has a short-term effect because you will crave the categories that you have eliminated and break the entire cycle. Without a breakdown of a nutritional program included? You will not even know where to turn to. This is an issue when it comes to making such a change. You need directions and options to follow. Believe me, we all are so motivated at the start of dieting and so eager to drop the pounds but that only lasts for so long until you need something to fall back on. The Skinny Bitch Diet text does not provide those tools for you.

Skinny Bitch Support

Since this is a book there is no customer support. There are no follow-up websites in which you can contact the authors directly for support. The only interaction we have with the authors can be found in personal interviews of the authors. There is not any consultations or contact information given to help you carry out your newly adopted lifestyle. However, there is a Facebook and Twitter for followers to find out info on what is latest in the Vegan world, etc.

As far as money back guarantee and return policies, those vary depending on where you purchase the book.

Bottom Line

Skinny Bitch is a vegan-biased book that raises awareness about the meat industry and the benefits of becoming a part of the vegan lifestyle. This book is not intended to be a diet book or program for weight loss. It emphasizes the negatives of the meat industry and harms in consuming animal products, alcohol, etc. while pitching the benefits to only taking part in a plant based diet. One of the benefits that is mentioned is that you may lose some weight, but that is where the confusion lies. If you are concerned about weight loss and making a change to your eating and exercise habits, this is not even a diet program by any means. With primarily negative reviews, the sassy and vulgar language of the text is written as a book for comedic relief. This book aims to expose the meat industry and uses a hook like “skinny bitch” to draw readers in that are looking to shed some weight. At the end of the day, for most of us women this is a great way to get our attention. Who is not always looking for ways to lose a little extra? Smart on their part. That being said, for an actual diet that will have you feeling youthful, energized, balance emotions, and shed unwanted pounds of course, we suggest you look somewhere else.


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