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Skinny Bunny Tea Review

With little to no substance and evidence to why Skinny Bunny Tea works, or even how to use the tea itself I would not spend money on this product...

Review overview


Skinny Bunny Tea is best known for its AM and PM detox programs that can be anywhere from 14-28 days long.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Many customer service channels


  • No money back guarantee
  • Non-informational and confusing website
  • No clinical studies
  • Gimmick

Ratings in depth

  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
3 10 Bad

You take the AM tea in the morning and choose from two options for your evening tea, depending on whether you want Detox or Recovery. In a market that is thriving on detox and herbal tea blends to lose weight, they have seen traffic with the products. Their website is extremely confusing to navigate through, and their business model is aimed only at women. I was looking to get educated on their product, and I was left with information that was shallow, and had no substance.

Skinny Bunny Tea Claims

“Skinny has a new attitude.”

“You deserve a product that gives you freedom to showcase your healthy lifestyle yet quench your desire to be fun, sexy, and in shape. “

“SKINNY has teamed up with the most innovative minds in the world who, just like you, want one thing: simplify “skinny.”

“We’ve blended a unique mix of herbs and extracts to supplement weight management, alertness, and detoxification”

“Not only do these teas help detox your body, they have been traditionally used to suppress appetite, which is very helpful when you are restricting calories to lose body fat. These benefits, in addition to a healthy diet and workout program will make you look and feel incredible, day in and day out.”

“Teas – Must be unopened and in the original packaging to be considered for a refund. To be considered for a refund, Skinny Bunny teas must receive the respective item within fourteen (14) days of the item’s purchase date.”

Skinny Bunny Tea Scientific Backing

The website is extremely complicated to navigate through, and the lack of facts about the products leave me with many questions. There are no clinical studies linked on the site anywhere as to why the teas are “the best in the world.” They provide small amounts of information about the ingredients used in the teas, but a high level overview at best. For example: “Guayusa is a tree from the Amazon whose leaves have a host of health benefits. It has been traditionally used to help improve alertness and energy both physically and mentally. It is also high in antioxidant activity, which is almost double that of commercial green teas.” Other ingredients for the AM Blend include: Oolong Tea, Pu-Erh, Cinnamon, and Ginger Root.

When asked how their products were made, they answered, “We follow the highest quality manufacturing practices and we independently test for both quality and purity. We also only manufacture and do quality testing in the USA.” This was another vague answer, which followed the trend on the website.

Is Skinny Bunny Tea Effective?

As a whole there were a mix of both positive and negative reviews. Some say the tea worked in their weight loss journey and others thought it was a waste of money.

“I purchased this directly from their website. I've been using it for a while now and I've been doing the workouts plus I run every day. There hasn't been any change at all. When I comment on their Instagram page my comments get deleted, twice I have had a conversation with 3 other people in the comments section. The tea does not work for them either and it tastes horrible and each time we comment our comments get deleted. In the end I got blocked from their page altogether (I'm sure the others did as well). My point here is that it does not work at all and it will only be a waste of money.”

The problem is, none of the products have been clinically proven to help you lose weight. You are taking their word for it and buying a product with a no money back guarantee if tried.

Does Skinny Bunny Tea Have Side Effects?

Yes. Skinny Bunny Tea does have minor side effects. Ironically their PM Recovery has caffeine in it, so if you take this product and have trouble sleeping you will know why. There will not be any dangerous side effects with this product, so that is one positive! With caffeine the normal side effects can be, sleeplessness, upset stomach, headache, jitters, and racing heart.

What Is Skinny Bunny Tea Support Like?

Skinny Bunny Tea offers customer support via phone, chat, and email. They are one of the best I have seen so far, because of the different channels of communication offered. When I called in my call was answered, and my questions were answered. I asked about the money back guarantee, and the product has to be unopened within 14 days of purchase. The representative did not know a lot about the scientific backing behind the product, which was no surprise to me. Their social media was confusing, as Facebook had little to no activity, while Instagram had 1 million followers with little activity regarding likes and comments. Finally their Pinterest board only had 1 pin, with no activity either.

The Bottom Line

With little to no substance and evidence to why Skinny Bunny Tea works, or even how to use the tea itself I would not spend money on this product. The money back guarantee alone is outrageous in itself. Who buys a product to send it back unopened, and feel satisfied? The price is affordable, but has me questioning the quality of the tea. Overall, I would steer clear from this product and find a higher quality detox tea line with substantial information on their website.


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