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"Slimgenics works toward balanced hormones, eliminated toxins, reduced inflammation, and benefits to your digestive system"

Slimgenics has been around since 2003, both in clinics and online. It is a guaranteed diet program which is certified by health professionals offering comprehensive, guided educational services to get people to a healthy and manageable weight. Slimgenics works toward balanced hormones, eliminated toxins, reduced inflammation, and benefits to your digestive system. This diet is made especially for women and can be used by nursing mothers, people with medical issues, diabetic concerns, creative workplace programs, and more. Oh, and exercise is not required.

Current clinic locations exist in Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio, with plenty of sites in each state. You do have to enroll in a program to use Slimgenics properly, but signing up gets you a personalized nutrition profile, body fat analysis, and a four-phase weight loss/weight management program. This program includes nutrition education and healthy living advice such as support materials, nutritional curriculum, and one on one support, up to six visits a week. That is, of course, if you are lucky enough to live in Colorado, Minnesota, or Ohio and can attend to the program in person. If not, you can still do the program with a consultant over the phone. No matter what you will get individualized attention, one on one support, and targeted supplementation chosen through your one on one counseling.

Slimgenics is personalized; even children ages 10-17 can use this diet. Medical conditions, allergies, and lifestyle preferences such as veganism or lactose intolerance all play into your specific product plan, once you talk to your nutritional counselor. Because of the variation in food, the diet fits all lifestyles. There is a food list that Slimgenics would like their users to stick to as much as possible. These items are: meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, legumes, fruits, vegetables, starches, dairy products, and healthy fats, all meant to maintain an active metabolism in the body. Sticking with these foods is not only intended to keep the person happy and healthy, but helps change their life through nutritional advice, support, and supplements. Pre-packaged frozen foods are available as well. There does seem to be some apparent concerns about the supplements and packaged food. The main concerns include the price and how hard they push for customer purchase, but there is also worry about what is in the supplements. The supplements are full of artificial ingredients like aspartame, chemicals, and other synthetic additives. Aside from the unwanted ingredients, they are made up of only vitamins, and fiber, which a person shouldn't need unless they are not eating a balanced diet, which places the diet itself into question.

There are more than supplements made to be taken along with the diet. “Thermo-boost” drinks are also part of the supplements, which are meant to drink daily while working out. The idea behind Slimgenics is that body temperature can help control your metabolism, which is the process by which available nutrients in your body convert to energy. The hotter you run, the better your metabolism runs according to Slimgenics, meaning that Slimgenics is a metabolism booster. Metabolism itself is an important thing to understand before embarking on this diet. The function of your metabolism is to maintain the state of living cells. It does this by converting food into energy. This happens when calories in the foods and beverages that you consume are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to keep running. The simple idea behind Slimgenics is to keep your body running at a higher temperature to keep your metabolism from being sluggish. The more energy you have, the more you move, the more weight you are capable of losing. If you want to lose weight, you need your metabolism running at optimal speed and temperature. Slimgenics claims it can make that happen.

There seems to be a lot of support for the program online, with forums to trade Slimgenics recipes or YouTube videos giving you tips and tricks. This product will hit you right in the wallet though. If you are not lucky enough to live near one of the centers, it will cost you $80 just to register for the materials and to gain access to the online adviser. For another $230 you get the “essential weight-loss starter kit” which is a box of supplement powders, pills, and “thermo-snacks.” You can also get a larger premium

kit for $460, and you will need to buy extra “thermo-snacks” for another $250. This is not a diet for the poor. When a customer goes into a clinic, they run into salespeople who work on commission and are hungry for a sale. They will put enormous pressure on anyone who walks in the store, and this can lead to people who typically could not afford it, getting pressured into spending the money. The real problem here is that when you sign up with Slimgenics, you are signing a contract. You can't just stop if you want to. You are contractually bound to buy so much a month. There is speculation that this is where part of Slimgenics success and guarantee of weight loss comes in because people can't quit.

The company's website says, “All of these weight-loss programs are expected to help you look and feel better, increase your energy levels, improve your health, increase your self-confidence, lose weight safely, become more active, sleep better, increase your productivity, and get a job promotion.,” but doesn't say much else about the product itself, or how the program works. It also doesn't mention any side effects, claiming anyone above the age of 10 can use this product. Although there are some major concerns for the worsening of people who have the following risk factors: diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, arthritis and joint pain, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and cancer. Most of this is due to the ingredients in the “thermo-snacks” which are required to participate in the program.

Some reviews online are negative. Many of the poor reviews have to do with how much money you have to spend, and customer service. You are allowed to call for free to talk to someone who will help you with whatever you're struggling with up, to six times a week. Most reviewers are quite mad because when they called in, the person who answered the phone was never a dietitian, but instead, they got a call bank full of people who only repeated themselves. These phone operators trained in what the company does, but not in the ability to help a customer in need, leaving people wanting.

The good reviews, which there are a lot of as well, seem to like three things: the taste, that it curbs hunger, and that it gives you tons of energy. These people absolutely love “thermo-boost” drinks, which you can get on Amazon for about $50. For around the same price, you can get Slimgenics alpha-slim carb blockers, which claims to “block up to 300 calories per meal as well as reduce cravings, increase fat burning, and it promotes healthy weight loss.” For $145 on Amazon, you can also get Slimgenics “Thermo-Slim” herbal metabolizer & fat burner pills which claim to “suppress appetite, reduce water retention and decrease cravings, cleanse & detoxify” and it “supports liver and kidney function.” Because you can buy most products needed for the diet on Amazon, many people use the products without the personal counseling or other perks you get when you join. Slimgenics lists the ingredients on their products, so with some things, like “Omega Slim,” the ingredients listed are Omega 3, 6, and 9. That is easy to get at your local drug store without paying the prices at Slimgenics. These people have an online community themselves. From the looks of it, they are doing well with their weight loss.

Slimgenics seems to have a lot of pros and a few cons that are hard to swallow. Obviously, a con is the price. This program will cost you a lot of money. Another disadvantage is that you have to sign a contract. Make sure you have the money to do it for the allotted time of the agreement. One more con, those who want to eat clean will not be happy with this diet. There are several chemicals added to the snacks and package food. We can't forget that going into the stores, or even over the phone, you are going to get a lot of pressure put on you to buy. Make sure you are ready for that and go in with a limit you are willing to spend. The pros are many. At home, counseling is a great perk. Having the program be individualized for you couldn't be easier. Being able to use fresh food or get packaged delivery makes it easy for everyone.

The program is meant to be life-changing, teaching you how to eat right for the rest of your life. The snacks and booster drinks taste great. It seems to be a highly praised diet for those who can afford it, and who can go to the clinics. If you have food concerns, a small pocketbook, or need to do the program online, this is probably not the diet for you.

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