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Strobing: A Trending Technique Used For Both Make-up and Hair

In the midst of focusing on bettering your insides and getting healthier from the inside out, do not forget to keep up with your natural beauty routine as well..

In the midst of focusing on bettering your insides and getting healthier from the inside out, do not forget to keep up with your natural beauty routine as well. Some of us like to throw on our moisturizer and call it a day, where some of us find joy in putting on make-up and throwing a few curls in our hair. Every lady is different, but for those of you that like primping a little more, we have some insight on the latest trend to have you feeling fresh and beautiful as you leave the house.


I am sure you have all heard of contouring, as it has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. This shading with bronzers allows us to accent certain areas and create a chiseled look with shadows using darker pigmented powders. The new trend is just the opposite of that: strobing. Strobing is a lovely new term that we use to describe the dewy look you can achieve with highlighting. Harper’s BAZAAR refers to strobing as the “yin to the yang of contouring.” Contouring is more of a sculpting technique whereas strobing provides a glamorous dewy look. Ultimately, it comes down to preference, but strobing is all of the buzz when it comes to runway and magazine spreads. Although Kim Kardashian swears by contouring as evident in her photos, many celebrities such as Gigi Hadid go for the highlighted look. Strobing uses light tones and shimmer to draw attention to cheekbones leaving you with a radiant glowing look. Many beauty consultants tend to side with strobing as its light reflective elements are fantastic for any age and skin tone.

Taking the trendy art of strobing one step-further, it can be applied to your hair as well. You may not be able to inform your hair stylist that you want to contour your hair color for a more flattering look, but you most definitely can “strobe” it.


You may be confused because many of us could just say we want highlights in our hair. The difference is that strobing actually tailors your color to your personal head shape. The idea of strobing, is to add more highlights and shimmer to the areas where the sun hits to radiate a beautiful color and look. Strobing is not a term as simply applied as balayage or ombre for that matter. By strobing your hair color, you are putting lighter tones and darker tones in places where it will create a hair color unique to you.

Whether you have a trip to the nearest Sephora or an upcoming appointment with your hair stylist in store, consider this trend for the near future and you may be surprised at how you feel. We all get tired of the usual looks because they start to feel mundane, yet the transition to a new look can be frightening as well. Let the spring season and new healthy lifestyles you are undergoing take you one step further into creating your most beautiful and happy self!



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Written by Kylie Daniels

Kylie Daniels

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