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The Drink That Just Might Be Better Than Coffee

We all know that cold-pressed juice has had its trend, so what might be another beverage that could possibly be the next coffee?

Coffee has been the go-to for ages and most likely will be for years and years to come. As technology and research are improving we are always finding new alternatives and healthful options to better our bodies, skin, and whole self. We all know that cold-pressed juice has had its trend, so what might be another beverage that could possibly be the next coffee? Well if you do not live in New York City or are not attending high-end steakhouses or Asian restaurants regularly, bone broth might not be something you have ever considered.

I would have never really referred to bone broth as a drink, but it actually really is. It has definitely penetrated the market with its numerous health benefits and nutrients that give you plenty of energy. Some see bone broth as a superfood, others as the best beverage option to grab a cup of on their way to the office. This is a staple among people that follow the paleo diet, but now it just might be yours as well.

At last year’s New York fashion week rather than the usual Starbucks being sipped, Manhattan was indulging in its very own Brodo bone broth. Brodo is a stand in New York City that offers sipping bone broth by the cup, the same way that you would stop by a coffee shop for a cup of coffee. It is a small stand located in the East Village. That being said, it is not some outstanding invention of a beverage, it has actually been around for years and years. Bone broth can be made in the comfort of your own home.

What Makes This Beverage So Healthy For Us?

This elixir is a natural drink made up of the soaking of bones, vegetables, and water. This combination provides several health benefits.

Glowing Skin

Bone broth is better than botox! Assuming that this is not news to you, the wrinkles that develop in our skin over time are not due to the muscles per se, but instead the depletion of collagen. Hence the fact that as you get older, and you have less collagen, you gain more wrinkles. Collagen is oftentimes used as a plumping agent to make your lips look fuller and as a pickup to other parts of your body as well. Bone broth is a natural source of collagen. The best part about it is, rather than injecting it, you are actually sipping it and letting it do its work from the inside-out. It is said to help decrease cellulite as well. This broth will leave you with radiant skin before you know it.

Gut Balance

I love this! Digestion is so incredibly important because the way that your body breaks down foods affects you in numerous ways. One easily forgotten benefit of digestion is that if everything is going well, it can also assist in helping your skin. As your body digests food it must get rid of toxins, absorb the proper nutrients, and keep you hydrated at the same time. The gelatin that we receive from bone broth helps the GI tract run smoothly, in turn bettering your gut health. Another benefit is that when everything is running smoothly you will not suffer from the extremes of constipation or diarrhea.

Joint Protection

Whether you suffer from arthritis or not, bone broth contains cartilage which is extremely helpful in protecting your joints. The glucosamine found in the broth also contributes to joint protection and is found naturally rather than you average joint supplement.


Bone broth contains bone marrow, which is fantastic for both your bloodstream and immunity. For many years in countries such as India and China, bone broth has been used as an immunity booster. It is filled with minerals that keep you healthy and better your health when you are experiencing an illness. Think back to growing up when chicken noodle soup is what was always recommended.


Not only will bone broth enhance your energy daily, but it will help you to have a deeper sleep at night. The glycine found in one broth contributes to preserving your memory and catching some Z’s.

Bottom Line

This is a short list of five benefits, but the beverage has several others to offer. This is far more than just a beverage for Paleo dieters and trendy adventurers. Between the building blocks of phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium, you are doing nothing more than sipping yourself to better health.

If these benefits don’t have you convinced to step out of your caffeine comfort zone, hear it from a star. Ask Kobe Bryant, basketball star from the Los Angeles Lakers! This well-known athlete has incorporated bone broth into his pregame meals, and simply on a daily basis for many reasons. Some of the most important being joint protection, energy, and to reduce inflammation. Bone broth was introduced to the team by their nutritionist in their 2012-2013 season. That being said, Bryant’s personal nutritionist and chef makes certain that everywhere he travels on the road, he can access a healthy menu with the added bone broth. Oh and if the hotel does not offer anything of the sorts, the entire Lakers team will make new arrangements. When you are a professional athlete your diet and health are extremely crucial and their food is not taken lightly.

This beverage has gained its fame as we have seen from the storefront in East Village, to the models of Fashion Week, all the way to the west coast Lakers. Although it may not be served in coffee shops near you, it is most definitely something you can prepare in the comfort of your own home. Next time that you have some bones left over and some vegetables lying around, go ahead and give it a try! On the other hand, if that is too much effort and you are just going to give it a try you will be sure to find it at your nearest Whole Foods Market. Step out of your comfort zone, toss it is your morning coffee cup, and give it a try!


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