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Trim Down Club Review

Trim Down Club is an online membership site that claims that it offers all of the resources to guide you in making a healthy lifestyle change. What does this online membership offer that I can't just access on the internet free of charge?


Review overview


The Trim Down Club is an online membership available for purchase to provide you with videos, guides, and recipes to supposedly assist you in creating a healthy change in your lifestyle.


  • Online Access


  • Terrible Customer Support
  • Constant Upselling
  • Common Knowledge Videos

Ratings in depth

  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
2.1 10 Bad


Well let me start off by saying that I wasted a good 15 minutes on their “introduction video”, before straying away from the page. This was one of those presentations that does not allow you to see how much time is remaining once you have clicked to view it. Chances are you will lose interest after the first 3 minutes.(Especially, if you are just trying to find out more information about the program itself). After 8 minutes it tells you to get ready to take notes… after 12 minutes of video, there is no way that they keep their customers intrigued. Mind you, most of the tips that this Dr. Karen Shackelford was informing us about are in fact common knowledge for most. From the looks of the homepage they provide short testimonials and a portal for community support amongst their members. After further research, this website has been around for about 6 years now. This is not exactly a diet program, but instead an online membership community. This community has applications, recipes, challenges, recent studies, and articles. How can we be so sure that the resources they offer are credible though?

Trim Down Club Claims

The philosophy behind paying a $47.00 fee to become a member of this club is that you will take part in a community that supposedly helps you to create a lifestyle change. Rather than just a diet program, Trim Down Club claims that through their membership resources and the Trim Down Club community you should have the support you need to shed pounds in a healthy and long term manner. Clearly in this claim, they are not referring to customer support as part of their “support”, because it is most definitely slacking. (I will get into that a little later). That being said, they offer recipes and articles as part of the program. But what is it that makes their articles and offers worth paying for when you can access these sorts of things for free all over the internet? According to several customer reviews and complaints the information offered hardly differs from what you can find on any old health website without even paying a fee. In fact, the “unique” meal plans that they claim to offer are nothing more than generic menus. A customer by the name of Zara shares:

“…There are menu examples. I should have known better. What a waste of money. I can lose weight on my own. I guess I was looking for a way to make it easier, and this would not. First of all their premise is that everyone is the same. I cannot lose weight on their plan, because it is twice the amount of calories in one day that I need to reduce to in order to lose weight.”- Zara Smith


Does Trim Down Club Have Scientific Backing?

As far as scientific backing, the only medical influence that is really publicized derives from Dr. Karen Shackelford. She has a background in healthcare as a board certified Emergency Medicine doctor, medical writer, ran a medical clinic, etc. Although Dr. Shackelford herself has experience in health and medical care as her profession, one must understand that this does not give her a credible background in the field of nutrition and diets. Is that not what we are looking for expert advice in?

That being said, there is just one dietician featured on this website (a website that claims to be “developed by nutritionists”).Where are all the others? Ossie Sharon has a background in nutrition and dieting, but how involved in Trim Down Club she really is, remains rather vague. I found it interesting that in her extensive history and background on her LinkedIn profile she fails to list her role in Trim Down Club explicitly. She lists herself as a chief nutritionist for “B2C Solutions” but Trim Down Club in particular is not advertised anywhere on her page. Is that a coincidence? All in all, there is not sufficient scientific backing for this online membership.


Is Trim Down Club Effective?

As for the testimonials on the website, it seems as though some of the members of this club are seeing the results they had hoped for. On the other hand, we also found some reviews of customers that found that the membership fee was far from worth it's cost. With everything from faulty claims about the money back guarantee to long videos with useless information, it did not make the cut for most clients. The Trim Down Club offers an 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are not “totally and completely satisfied within 60 days of purchase”. This money-back guarantee was hardly upheld due to the lack of customer service that the Trim Down Club has. Numerous customer reviews claimed that the Trim Down Club had absolutely zero customer support. Aside from the customer support, the program itself only seemed to be effective after clients were bombarded with upselling and the pressure of purchasing other products. After getting stuck in this trap, many clients lost all sight of whether the program was effective or not and just wanted their money back. After reading such reviews, we are certain that your money and purchases can be put to better use (risk free!). 


What are Trim Down Club Membership Side Effects?

Considering the fact that the Trim Down Club prides themselves on using nothing more than a program made up 80% healthy whole foods nutrition and 20% exercise, there are not any side effects. There are nutritionist’ recommended supplements that the member has the option of adding to their program, but they are not required. Keep in mind that often times without any side effects, there are no real changes being made and that is not what we are looking for when trying to alter our bodies. We need some action!

Trim Down Club Support

As far as support goes, they have very minimal support. The only way to get any further questions answered is to fill out an email form with your information and question or comment and allow Trim Down Club representatives up to 3 days to respond. This is a slow response period and often times email support is not what you are looking for when you are already becoming a member of an online community (the point would be to have another form of access in case online outlets were to fail). After reading about their track record, it does not seem promising. There are no phone numbers provided anywhere on the website Several clients have spoken out about their horrific customer support habits. The reviews repeatedly were along the lines of the following:

“I've ordered and PD in full my membership fee and a video set which I wasn't able to receive neither. I've contacted them several times with their promise to respond in 1-3 business days. I've asked for a total refund no response. I've given my name address phone # & email address and membership #. Still no response. Call them what it is a scam rip off unbusiness like charm like a sheep in wolves clothing I say”- Mike

After coming across multiple reviews of this sort, I would not consider the purchase of this membership any further.

Bottom Line

This membership website originally created as a tool to guide you in your practice of changing your lifestyle just is not going to make the cut. Although it seems like it has the proper way of dieting and the importance of creating a lifestyle out of healthful foods and exercises, there is just no trust. Failing to meet proper customer service requirements, the upselling traps, and lack of scientific backing is something to be aware of.  Do not let a long introduction video persuade you, look for the loopholes and be smart about where you are spending your money. At the end of the day making the adjustments you need to lose weight, feel energized, and make a difference to your body as whole does not need to be risky. I suggest you seek another program that is certain to assist you in attaining these goals!


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