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Twist It Up: Infuse Your H2O

Considering the fact that we are told to drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, it can get a tad bit boring...

Considering the fact that we are told to drink around eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, it can get a tad bit boring. Altogether that adds up to about 1.9 liters worth. For some of us this is not a problem and for others it is like force feeding. Often times we get so caught up with our daily tasks that drinking water becomes just one more thing to remember. It can be easy to forget so it is best to keep a water bottle in your primary vicinity at all times. Get a large water bottle to keep at the office, one that easily fits in a cup holder for your car, and a chic one that you can take from place to place with you. No matter how rad your water bottle can be, it does not change the fact that water inside of it can get very humdrum. What if you did something to twist up the plain taste a little?

Naturally infusing water with different herbs, fruits, vegetables, and even spices is a refreshing way to add flavor to your water without adding any unnecessary sugar or artificial flavors. I am sure we have all heard how healthful adding lemon to water is for us. Aside from the health benefits and the fact that it is said to be a great way to speed up your metabolism, the lemon adds a nice tart taste. Drinking water with lemon is a very common way to infuse water and people swear by it. If we recall back to when Beyoncé had baby Blue Ivy and was on the fast track to getting her body back to the way it was before pregnancy, her waistline trimmed down tremendously quick. Beyoncé shared with Vogue that this was the case due in part to “drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day.” A gallon is really taking that rule of at least 8 glasses to the next level, but then again we are talking Beyoncé, so does that come as a surprise that she would take it up a notch?

Well, lemon is great and all but there are several other flavors that you can infuse your water with. Seeing as how spring is approaching, the weather is going to start heating up and strawberries are now in season. Strawberries have agents that help protect your immune system as well. In order to add some sweet strawberry flavor to your water you will begin by slicing the strawberries very thin. Once you have prepared the fruit, toss it into a bottle of cold water. Essentially it does not matter if the water is in the bottle first or if you add it after the strawberry. Then place the cup, bottle, or pitcher into the refrigerator and allow it to infuse the flavor overnight. Keep in mind that there is no exact measurement when it comes to making your flavored water. Typically you would make ⅓ of the beverage with the strawberry, and the other two thirds would be the water. After all, it just comes down to your preference and how potent you would like the flavor to be.

Let’s take a look at other options to infuse your water with and the benefits that they could add to your simple glass of water.


Mint: Mint is a great way to add a breath freshening taste to your glass, along with the added benefit that it is helpful when it comes to indigestion. Not to mention, mint goes well with almost any other flavor.

Sage: This herb is very helpful when it comes it to lowering cholesterol and goes great with citrus.

Rosemary: This herb gives a nice flowery light taste to your glass of water while it is also said to help with cognitive function and protecting the brain from damage.

Basil: Basil is known to help clear up skin and a great stress reliever. Pour yourself a glass with basil when work is getting a little stressful!


Cantaloupe: Very sweet taste along with a significant dose of potassium makes this a great option.

Grapefruit: This adds a slightly bitter-sweet taste while providing you with some Vitamin A.

Kiwi: This is a delicious source of Vitamin C, while adding a tad of sweetness to your hydration.

Raspberries: Add a sweet and tart flavor while giving you some antioxidants at the same time.

Watermelon: Watermelon is primarily made up of water to begin with, so this flavor will be very subtle.


Cucumbers: This adds a refreshing and very fresh and healthy feel to your glass of H2O.

Carrots: A great source of antioxidants and dietary fiber, which is fantastic for blood circulation.

Celery: This is a great aid in digestion and is a very hydrating veggie to begin with.


Ginger: Ginger adds a great flavor and is fantastic for your complexion.

Cinnamon Stick: If you have issues with your blood sugar, incorporating a cinnamon stick into your water will really benefit you.


This is just a short list of some of our favorite ways to infuse water. Mixing some of these ingredients will make for a nice blend in your water as well. Another fun thing to do is add some bubbles to the mix. Whether the water is sparkling or still, it is the same old water. Often times, turning your plane jane glass of water into a little spritzer makes it much more exciting to drink. If you are one that takes a liking to soda, this seltzer alternative is a great way to get that carbonation in without all of the syrup and sugar. The carbonation infused water also goes well with cocktails if you are doing your best to keep a clean diet, but like to have a drink every once in awhile. This freshly squeezed infused water is a great alternative. Feel free to get creative with your ingredients; after all it is simply water so nothing can hurt!




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Written by Kylie Daniels

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