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PS1000 Ingredients: Glutamic

Glutamic is another important ingredient in the weight loss supplement PS1000. This supplement and diet plan is very popular because it works in a safe and natural way. Glutamic is included in the supplement for its ability to regulate the metabolism of fats and sugar. 

What Is Glutamic? 

L-glutamic acid or glutamic acid is one of numerous parts of proteins. It is listed as a non-essential amino acid. They are really needed by the body but are called non-essential because the body can synthesize them. These compounds can also be called conditionally essential because not all people produce enough of them. 

They are produced in very small amounts, but those amounts must be sufficient. A deficiency of a non-essential amino acid such as Glutamic can inhibit the essential amino acids from working correctly. Glutamic has effects on the brain and on the environment. 

Where Can Glutamic Be Found? 

Glutamic is produced in small amounts by the body. It is also found in foods such as meat, eggs, chicken, fish, and dairy products. Some plants also contain glutamic acid.  

Why Seek Additional Glutamic? 

Though most people produce enough Glutamic acid, some people who are deficient in protein might need supplementation. L-glutamic acid works by stimulating the brain’s glutamate receptors. So, people who have neurological conditions, nervous system problems, kidney, or liver disease should not take glutamic supplements. 

Healthy people or those who do not make enough of this amino acid may benefit from supplemental Glutamic such as its use in the diet supplement PS1000. The ability of Glutamic to regulate metabolism of fats and sugar make it a useful addition. 

Why Are Amino Acids Important? 

Amino acids including Glutamic acid fall into two categories. Essential amino acids are needed but can not be made by the body. They must be found in foods to be eaten or in supplements. There are nine essential amino acids that our bodies must have to function properly. If there are deficiencies health problems can develop. 

Amino acid deficiency can cause poor brain development, kidney problems, a damaged immune system, and difficulty losing weight. 

The second class of amino acids is called non-essential because our bodies have the ability to synthesize them. Glutamic acid is one of these. But, they may also be known as conditionally essential because not everyone produces enough of them to benefit the body fully. 

Everyone needs to get enough of as many of these amino acids as possible for optimum health. Amino acids such as glutamic can help regulate a person’s weight. They can stimulate the body’s weight-loss hormones and body processes working better. Amino acids such as Glutamic can trigger the hormones that regulate metabolic processes to remove fat stores more quickly, burning them to be used as energy for the body. 

Including important amino acids such as Glutamic in a weight loss supplement can make it work better to increase energy levels, encourage new muscle growth, burn fat and get rid of extra weight. 

Why Are Weight Loss Supplements with Amino Acids Needed? 

The poor diets, stress, and sedentary lifestyles of many Americans make up to two-thirds of us overweight and less than healthy. But, even when we increase our exercise level and strive to live healthier lives, the weight refuses to go away. 

In order to provide a weight loss supplement such as PS1000 to be part of the successful ps1000 diet, this company did research into amino acids and their roll in successful weight loss. They found that adding amino acids to their supplement could help balance people’s hormones, replenish their bodies with needed nutrition, and improve metabolic processes. The new supplement and diet can add the good things such as vitamins and these amino acids and then get rid of the bad things such as fat, abnormal compounds, and bile to make weight loss possible. 

Amino Acids Work Hard 

20 percent of the body is protein. This protein is in muscles, cells, tissues, and other parts of the body. Amino acids make up the foundation of the protein molecules. So, amino acids play a huge part in body function and health including biological functions that allow the body to lose weight and gain energy. 

Simply speaking, when protein rich foods are eaten, the protein molecules break down to expose amino acids. Then the amino acids work to wake up fat-burning hormones, protect and repair bone, muscle, and tissue, activate gasses, and more. Some amino acids such as Glutamic can cross the brain-blood divide to help with healthy brain development and function. 

Glutamic is an important amino acid because of its ability to regulate the metabolism of sugar and of fats to limit weight gain and help with weight loss. When it is combined with the other important ingredients in PS1000 the supplement becomes a powerful, yet safe, tool in a carefully designed weight loss program. 

This weight loss program involves three stages of taking the supplement in the form of drops along with a carefully planned clean diet with limited calorie intake. Sugars and starches are limited. After the first 90 days in stage one, stage two is for maintenance and setting a healthy weight plan. 

Stage three is the living healthy for the rest of your life stage where the PS1000 support staff helps clients incorporate healthy eating habits into their lives. Some sugars and starches are reintroduced, and people plan a lifestyle where they limit calories to a sustainable number for their body weight. The focus is now on celebrating the weight that has been lost and not gaining it back. 

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