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5 Natural Ways For Varicose Veins

Along with genetics, varicose veins can be formed from poor blood circulation

5 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Unwanted Varicose Veins

We have all seen the infamous blue and back veins overtaking the beautiful legs of an individual. More often than not it takes over your self-esteem, making you never want to show your legs in public ever again. Many times, varicose veins are genetic but there are onslaughts of ways you can prevent them from becoming unmanageable. Varicose veins are gnarled and mangled veins that are more often than not a cosmetic concern. However, there are times when pain is a symptom from varicose veins, and treatment may be in order. They appear in the legs and feet, as there is much more pressure going to these parts of the body.


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Written by Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is a health education specialist and writer of 7 years. After receiving her masters degree in public health and Certified Health Education Specialist designation, she began her writing career by designing worksite wellness programs and health promotion materials for AirTran Airways and the Medical College of Georgia. Besides writing, Sharon loves counseling patients on making better health decisions, cuddling with her little dog Annie, and drinking coffee like it's going out of style.

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