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The Almased Synergy Diet Review

How the Almased Synergy Diet Works

Created by Hubertus Trouille, the Almased Synergy Diet is a weight loss program developed in the 1980’s that uses shakes to help people lose stamina and weight. The key to the diet is having dieters replace one or more of their meals with the shakes, therefore lowering their calorie intake and helping them shed pounds.

The first phase of the Almased Synergy Diet has dieters replacing all three of their daily meals with the company’s shakes. Phase Two allows people to eat a solid breakfast and lunch, but their dinner will be replaced with a shake. The final phase allows the dieter to get back to eating three solid meals per day, but they have to drink a shake with one of those meals.

The thing to like most about the Almased Synergy Diet is that it encourages lowering the amount of calories their customers consume. What’s hard to figure out is just how much credit should be given to the company since it seems like most of the weight loss will be due to people making drastic changes to their normal diets.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Almased Synergy Diet?

If dieters do exactly as they are instructed to do while on the Almased Synergy Diet, there is a very good chance that they will lose weight during the first two weeks. The shakes will have something to do with that, but it will mostly be due to eating a lot less food than they are used to eating.

Long-term weight loss on the Almased Synergy Diet will come down to each dieter’s willingness to stick to very strict calorie counts. Those who aren’t able to keep using the shakes or don;t incorporate some type of workout plan into their lives will have a hard time keeping the weight off.

Level of Effort

Just about every meal replacement diet on the market is going to be hard to stick with, and that is certainly the case with the Almased Synergy Diet. Most people want to be able to replace their fatty meals with something healthier, so having to give up one or more of their meals altogether may be too challenging for some.


The Almased Synergy Diet is pretty expensive at $40 per container. The fact that it is also a hard diet to complete and is more costly than other, similar diets makes it hard to recommend it. On top of being a difficult weight loss program, the Almased Synergy Diet is also missing some of the key elements that most dieters want included in their diet plans, including a workout program. Most people will want to opt for another product.

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Written by Mackenzie Mealey

My name is Mackenzie Mealey and I’ve had a love for the health and fitness field since I was 13. I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ for 23 years with my parents and 2 sisters and attended Paradise Valley Community College to obtain my Nutrition and Dietetics Degree. Life had some other plans that lead me to move up by extended family where I also met my significant other and we get to hike, ride our motorcycles and take care of our 2 dogs. In the last 5 years I developed several food allergies which has driven me to further pursue my knowledge in the food and health field around us to help educate those around me on how to better themselves.

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