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Isagenix Diet Review

Overview of Isagenix Offerings

The Isagenix Company is a MLM company which has higher product cost versus many other diet programs. This is because it has several levels of representatives, and each one has to make some money from each sale. The program offers several options, either a 9-day cleanse or 30 day weight loss and fat burning system. All of these packages are liquids or powders you take with water. They also have nutritional bars you can use in between your shakes to help fill up your hunger. You can have one low calorie meal per day. This program really lowers calories, for some it may be too low.

Is Isagenix Really an Effective Weight Loss Program?

In spite of all the products they recommend, it is a very low calorie diet; under 1250 calories per day. The Isagenix program combines shakes, pills and bars with one simple protein and vegetable meal per day. Unfortunately, there are not too many actual food recipes, only a few examples.

This may be a good short term way to lose a few pounds. Long term when you go back to eating again….you still have not learned how to prepare healthy food, or how to watch your calories or be able to keep off those lost pounds.  Anything under 1250 calories, should not be used longer than two weeks, due to possible nutritional deficiencies. So…how healthy is this diet for your health?

It is better for an individual to learn more about food and how to eat, an advantage for future weight maintenance. Do you prefer using daily prepackaged bars and supplements for the rest of your dieting days; really what a lifestyle of eating!

Is Real Science Behind It?

There are some older studies, from 2009 and 2012, not very well controlled and poor methodology. Possibly biased results since these studies were apparently paid for by Isagenix. Information about the study is hard to explain since there were so many variables for these studies that final results are unclear.

Other studies have found 95% of people who diet with similar meal replacement shakes, will regain lost weight within one to five years.

Pricing May Be “Over the Top” Expense

Unless you’re willing and able to spend a high dollar for a weight program monthly, this probably may be too expensive for many individuals compared to other programs. Depending on your choice the Cleanse product to the Isagenix Protein Shake range in price from $ 200 to $500 monthly, this is also on auto-delivery.

Nutritional Value….Supplements are Natural?

Yes, Isagenix does include information about their nutritional supplements; they look like good products. Though a few ingredients are in question as to how “Natural” they are, this has become a growing concern with many of us concerned citizens.  The word Natural just sounds good, but it has no real definition.

There are many ingredients that should be natural. But check out the added sugars, soy, artificial and synthetic preservatives. Her are a few to avoid in these products:

  • Soy lecithin is a GMO processed, unfermented soy additive which has possible health risks.
  • Sugars, fructose and maltodextrin, these sugars from corn or rice are low quality and can lead to obesity, diabetes or liver problems.
  • Canola oil is not natural, it is a cost cutting GMO oil that can cause inflammation and kidney problems.

Safety and Ease of Use

Even though there are some who lose weight on this program, it is because of extreme low calorie and you do not eat much real food. Being so low in calories is hard for many to sustain for the long term.

Safety seems to be OK if in the short term, unless you already have sugar problems or other chronic health disorders.

Weight loss makes you feel good, so you try continuing with the program as long as you can. Long term this kind of program could affect your health.

Pros and Cons

Higher cost may be beneficial financially, if they are a representative of this MLM business.

If you are a “on the go” type of eater, not a cook, it works well for you. So easy to just blend those shakes and go. Less prep time!

They do have support calls for any questions. The representatives usually answer and do recommendations. There are some people questioning if they are educated enough to answer these reliably.

How many products, powders or pills do you want to take daily?


If you need to drop a dress size for an upcoming wedding or want to just lose a few pounds, the Isagenix diet is a viable alternative for you, if you are disciplined enough to drastically reduce your calories and have better than average mixology skills. If, however, you want a long-term weight loss management strategy, Isagenix is not such a good choice for you. Moreover, many people may find that attempting to use so many products for the rest of their lives quickly becomes costly and tedious. Additionally, the Isagenix program is a multi-level marketing scheme, similar to Avon, so aggressive marketing and customer cultivation may not suit dieter’s family and friends.

Perhaps it is best to invest a monthly fee into a vegetable garden or a local farmers market. Then you can try some of the recipes from menus provided from a good diet program.
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Written by Kylie Daniels

My name is Kylie Daniels and I have a strong passion for health and nutrition. I was raised in Southern California, and am now attending Boise State University in Idaho to complete my B.B.A. degree in General Business and Marketing. My interest began a few years back when I was a part of the opening of a brand new juice bar. Here I learned the importance of eating healthy, balanced exercise, and the power of a nutritional lifestyle. This education has inspired me to research the latest diets, cleanses, and products to help guide you to be your best self!

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