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MateFit vs. FitTea

MateFit is known for its celebrity endorsements, but is it all a gimmick?

Mate Tea is a company based out of St. Louis, Missouri and has received buzz from celebrities (paid or not we are unsure) and other people simply wanting to do the marketing for Mate Fit. There are so many teatoxes to choose from, which can leave us confused and unsure of which tea is the right choice for our bodies. I went ahead and did a little comparison of Mate Fit, and Fit Tea as these two are somewhat popular in the industry today.

Unfortunately there have been some red flags already pop up with Mate Fit, as they do not offer any sort of contact or about us page. Their point of sale system is loaded with celebrities posing with their supplements, but do they actually work and are they worth the money?

MateFit VS FitTea Comparison Table

Better Choice



XOXO Teatox

Nutrition Program
Nutritional Supplements
Meal Plans
Food Recipes
Vegetarian Options
Gluten-free Options
Exercise Guidelines
Professional Counselors
Telephone Support
Email Support
Community Support
Active on Social Media
Weight-Loss Challenges
Long-term Sustainability
Full ReviewFull ReviewFull Review

The Bottom Line

As you can see from the chart above, there are many holes associated with MateFit, which does not make it obvious to go out and purchase. Their lack of customer service, and contact information is a red flag alone, as well as their short money back guarantee. There are many more reputable companies out there that offer clean teatoxes as well as a customer service platform and money back guarantee longer than 30 days.

84% of people choose XOXO Teatox over MateFit. Click here to see why.

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Written by Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones

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