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The Ultimate Candida Diet Review

How The Ultimate Candida Diet Works

The Ultimate Candida Diet is a health book that helps people rid themselves of candida so that they can feel healthier while also losing weight in some cases. Lisa Richards created the diet after dealing with her own candida issues and listed the methods that helped her out the most.

The key to the Ultimate Candida Diet is sticking with low-calorie whole foods, which help fight candida, resulting in less fatigue and fewer yeast infections. While weight loss isn’t the main goal of this diet, it is an added bonus for many people as the diet naturally lowers the amount of calories they consume each day.

While there are some things to like about The Ultimate Candida Diet, it simply isn’t a book that is going to help people whose number one focus is weight loss. They certainly should get healthier if they follow the meal plan laid out in the book, but weight loss would be slow and short term unless they find another diet to use alongside this one.

Do Dieters Lose Weight on The Ultimate Candida Diet?

Since The Ultimate Candida Diet does recommend lower calorie meals, people should see some weight loss in the first couple of weeks. The diet is very restrictive, though, and it wasn’t designed to be used for more than a couple of months. In fact, Lisa Richards recommends that people use the book as a cleanse more than as a full-time diet.

The Ultimate Candida Diet also lacks any type of workout program, so weight loss will be limited unless dieters are already using another exercise regimen. The diet doesn’t have a lot of foods with a high amount of protein, so it is pretty obvious that weight loss isn’t one of the focal points of The Ultimate Candida Diet.

Level of Effort

Any diet that takes away most of what the typical dieter likes to eat will be a tough diet to complete, and The Ultimate Candida Diet is very restrictive. There are a lot of recipes in the book, but most of them contain ingredients that come from specialty stores and take a while to cook. The fact that all of these meals are replacing what people are used to eating means that most dieters simply won’t be able to stick with the diet for the full 60 days.


For people who have Candida Albicans, The Ultimate Candida Diet is a great $40 investment because it has been proven to help eradicate it. However, anyone who wants to lose weight will need to either use another diet alongside this one, or choose a more complete diet that focuses on both candida and weight loss equally.

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Written by Ellyn Santiago

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