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10 Home Remedies To Fight Off Acne

Basic Home Remedies to Fight off Acne for Good

10 Home Remedies To Fight Off Acne

Acne plagues kids, young adults, and adults worldwide. Sadly, acne is the most common skin condition around, but the good news is the treatment options are endless. Pimples are formed when hair follicles under your skin clog up. (Medline Plus, 1). According to dermatologists, acne plagues 40-50 million Americans who are unhappy with letting acne run its course. There are a lot of different remedies from dermatologists and doctors that can help eliminate acne for good. Keep reading to learn a few at home remedies to put a stop to acne for good.

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Written by Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is a health education specialist and writer of 7 years. After receiving her masters degree in public health and Certified Health Education Specialist designation, she began her writing career by designing worksite wellness programs and health promotion materials for AirTran Airways and the Medical College of Georgia. Besides writing, Sharon loves counseling patients on making better health decisions, cuddling with her little dog Annie, and drinking coffee like it's going out of style.

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