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Bootea Review

For 14 days you are going to invest $50+ dollars on a product with no money back guarantee...

Review overview


Bootea is based out of the UK, and they promote active healthy lifestyles with their detox teas offered.


  • Colorful packaging


  • Expensive
  • No money back gurantee
  • Negative Press in the media
  • International shipping fees

Ratings in depth

  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
2.4 10 Bad

For those of you living in the United States get ready to pay an arm and a leg for shipping, since they are across the pond. The company offers more than a 14-day teatox, as there are shaker cups, monthly subscriptions, and fitness plans for additional costs. The most popular teatox offered is their 14-day, and it will cost you a pretty penny. Due to the lack of convenience in shipping charges, and cost alone this product does not seem like a fit for everyone.

Bootea Claims

“You should be aware that the Bedtime tea bags will most likely induce a laxative effect. We therefore advise that the first time you use this tea bag should be on a weekend or a day off (giving yourself time to see how your body reacts to the ingredients & you can go to the toilet when necessary).”

“Bootea may affect the accuracy of the pill. We are sorry but we cannot comment on other forms of contraception and would ask you to consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist with the list of our ingredients on our 'About' page.”

“Packed in a factory that handles nuts. Please read our disclaimer before purchasing any of our tea.”

“We will never promote or encourage our customers to go on a 'diet' as we believe that healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a short term fix. “

“Bootea makes a point of using only the best natural ingredients for your body. All ingredients are pure, natural & preservative free!”

“Tea does not expire, it is always safe to drink. However, we advise that you drink the tea when it is still fresh.”

Bootea claims to be a fat burner, metabolism booster and an appetite suppressant.

Bootea Scientific Backing

There are no clinical studies or scientific research that has been done by Bootea. After searching high and low on the website, they did not provide a single source to how their formulas were created, and what the ingredients do for your body. I could go and look up each one individually, but not many people have time for this. Under their nutritional information when buying the 14 day detox, they only state the teas are made in a factory that handles nuts too. They do not mention anything about the ingredients before you purchase.

Is Bootea Effective?

Bootea has seen success from its customers, but it is not clinically proven to help people lose weight. There have been more negative reviews than positive ones, which does not have me feeling very optimistic about this product overall. “Worked well the first few days, but the last week I had to drink 2 cups to see any effects. Overpriced. My friend ordered the same thing but got a daytime AND nighttime blend so you might want to try that. I did see a difference at first but thought it was overpriced considering it stopped working about halfway through the cycle. I just thought it was way too much money since it didn't seem to work after that. Smells when you first brew but the taste is fine.”

“Not as described it’s very small like a sample to try totally worthless.”

“It really makes you go to the bathroom.”

Does Bootea Have Side Effects?

Yes. The bedtime tea is known to have a laxative in it, and many people experienced a lot of time in the bathroom after using bootea. The senna leaves that are used in the bedtime tea is the culprit for side effects overall. Senna leaves are known to cause bowel cramping, and pain, which does not seem convenient. Extensive use of Bootea can also cause dehydration, because you are in the bathroom losing a large amount of fluids.

In the media, Bootea was featured in a negative light when there were reports of Bootea affecting the accuracy of the contraceptive pill. Many women who were taking the pill became pregnant while taking Bootea as well. “Naomi Salt, a saleswoman from Rochdale, is one of a number of women who say Bootea's 'Teatox' caused them to become pregnant while they were taking a contraceptive pill.” On the website, it does state that the pill will not be effective when taking Bootea.

What Is Bootea Support Like?

They did not provide a number to call. Their website states: “Although we love to hear from you, SO many questions are answered on our FAQ page - get an answer straight away instead of waiting for a reply from us!” This implies that they are not excited to support their customers. The social media followings were somewhat active, and the followers participated in their posts.

The Bottom Line

For 14 days you are going to invest $50+ dollars on a product with no money back guarantee. If you open the product, they will not refund you. This leaves the customer with all of the risk in the world. There has also been talk about how small the tea bags are, and this leaves me feeling like the 14-day supply is not enough for someone to see the full effect of the product. On top of the horrible money back guarantee, there is virtually no customer service. To add one more negative onto this situation, their products contain laxatives, which takes the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill away. No thank you. I will save my money and find a more wholesome teatox with a better money back guarantee.


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