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Isagenix Review

This multi-level marketing company has done a good job becoming a well-known entity throughout the world...

Review overview


Isagenix is a multi-level marketing business that aims to sign individuals up to be brand ambassadors.


  • Established brand
  • Higher sugar content makes products taste better
  • Isagenix provides a way to make money.


  • Extremely Expensive
  • Does not set you up for long term weight loss
  • A slim 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Hard to find clinical research
  • Not the cleanest products to consume

Ratings in depth

  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
3.1 10 Bad

If you want to simply order product on the website, you will not get off so easy. Get ready to call in, get routed to multiple lines, and then get hounded on spending a justifiable $300 dollars a month on protein shakes. The bulk of their weight loss business comes from their pricey shakes. There are no prices on the website for a reason. This was a complicated headache, and it made me more tired than motivated to lose weight at the end of it all.

Isagenix Claims

Isagenix claims they are completely different from other multi-level marketing programs in the fact that they are committed to having the best compensation plans, affordable products, and systems that keep the customers coming back. Unfortunately, with their expensive shakes this has me wondering what audience they are speaking to. With Isagenix, you are required to pay an “activation fee” of either $29.00 dollars (auto ship customer) or $39.00 if you are not an auto ship customer. This cost happens before you even get to ordering the product.

They claim in their ingredient policy section that, “High quality ingredients in dosages are backed by science.” After calling in to their support line to try and find a place where their clinical studies have been done, they routed me to their health blog. This blog had nothing to do with the science behind their ingredients. I just may be confused, or they are making it hard to figure out why they chose the ingredients for their products.

The Last claim I found interesting was from their founder. He said: “To create products that make a real difference in your health and vitality, we stay on the cutting edge of nutritional science and constantly work to get the most out of nature’s fine ingredients.” I was able to look at the product labels, and it did not surprise me that I could not pronounce 95% of the ingredients. Pyridoxine hydrochloride, and thiamine hydrochloride do not sound like nature’s fine ingredients to me.

Isagenix Scientific Backing

As mentioned above, the company does not make it easy to find out the real details behind the science of their product. All of the descriptions are vague, and they sound nice. The transparency is not there, when taking a deeper dive into what you will be consuming.

Is Isagenix Effective?

It is always hard to get a straight answer when dealing with multi-level marketing products. After looking through many reviews from past customers it was hard to distinguish who was a rep, trying to make their way up the pyramid, and who was a genuine customer with feedback. A few amazon review titles:

“I can honestly say this is the worst diet you can do.” October 31, 2014 This was written by a certified personal trainer whose wife went on Isagenix, only to lose a couple of pounds and gain it all back once she was off the liquid diet.

“Read this if you want the truth.” September 29, 2014. After two months on the program I have not lost more than 5 lbs. I have religiously followed the program, starved on the cleanse days, and spent over 1000 dollars and made only a couple hundred back because I signed my wife and worst of all my BOSS up for this plan.

Does Isagenix Have Side Effects?

Because there are a variety of Isagenix products I am simply reviewing their shakes at this point. There has been talk about the shakes encouraging “intermittent fasting” and there are no known benefits of IF. Once you are off of the shakes, I can see why the weight would come back on. From my understanding, customers are not getting educated on incorporating healthy eating habits involving real food. One ingredient in the vanilla shake is Low Heat Nonfat Dry Milk, which is another word for a denatured protein. The body processes denatured proteins as unrecognizable, and contributes to inflammation in the body. There is no doubt, that are many unrecorded and hidden side effects just like this.

What Is Isagenix Support Like?

When calling into the support desk, I was immediately routed to three different lines. I was simply inquiring about how much the 30 day cleanse would cost me. After finding out about the annual start up fees, the auto shipments, and the “enrollment” to becoming a multi-level partner I was tired. The cost was outrageous as well.

When I questioned about the return policy I was told that there is a 3-day period where you can decide if you want to stay enrolled or not. After the three days, you are locked in for an entire year. On the products there is a 30-day return policy. When thinking about it long term, this is not enough time to see if the plan really works for my body. To their credit, each representative I spoke with was friendly!

The Bottom Line

This multi-level marketing company has done a good job becoming a well-known entity throughout the world. Would I personally use their products? Highly unlikely. There are cheaper, and healthier ways to lose weight without all of the fuss. This company could be a stepping stone for someone who wants to start the process of weight loss, but they definitely do not set you up for a long term solution to becoming healthier.


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