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Liquid Amino Diet Review

The customers have lost weight but it is more from the caloric restrictions not the amino drops...

Review overview


We have all heard the empty promises from diet companies, so it’s no surprise that the liquid amino diet follows in the footsteps of the others.


  • Convenient, small and compact amino drops
  • Different Phases of healthy eating included in the program


  • Costly
  • Not a healthy fix for sustainable weight loss
  • Questionable science behind the ingredients
  • False promises of losing weight at unhealthy rates

Ratings in depth

  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
2.4 10 Bad

The liquid amino diet is formed of amino drops, and endocrine supplements. Their drops are meant to suppress your diet, and the diet focuses on low glycemic foods only. The endocrine supplements are supposed to balance your hormones, and adrenal functions. The cost is $97.00 for a 30-day supply, $169.00 for a 60-day supply, and $239.00 for a 90-day supply. The speedy claims, and quick results this company is promising makes me want to take a deeper dive into reality.

Liquid Amino Diet Claims

The company claims you can lose 15-30 pounds in the first 30 days. They also state that the diet is not meant to go over 90 days. While they are teaching health and educating on proper foods, the drops seem like an extra way to take money from the customer.

They claim this product is doctor recommended, but they made it very difficult to find the ingredient list of the drops or endocrine supplements on the site. There are also no clinical studies available on the site to read.

They claim their drops are homeopathic, and that there are zero side effects known.

Lastly, they claim to offer a 100% money back guarantee, but it is only for 30 days. If you order the 60, or 90-day kit you only get 30 days to try them out. On the official website, they do not give you the proper dosage for the drops in phase 1, so the likelihood of return is higher.

Liquid Amino Diet Scientific Backing

Dr. Finsand (the founder) makes a point to educate people on eating healthy, and supplementing in the drops to suppress your appetite. Both of these points clash with one another. When I was on the website, I could not find any clinical studies done to back up the ingredients in any of their products. This had me worried, and skeptical on their proven research they speak highly about.

There are 3 phases of the program. One of the phases includes the products, and the other two are simply to just eat healthy. Why not save hundreds of dollars, and just eat healthier? You are better off seeking out a more cost effective alternative. A few of the ingredients in the drops are: Lophopytum leandri, Calcarea Carbonica, L-Argenine, and Acetyl L-Carnitine. There were vague descriptions of each ingredient.

Is Liquid Amino Diet Effective?

This diet promotes weight loss at an unhealthy rate. It is essentially putting your body into starvation mode, so the weight is leaving for a limited amount of time. With that, because caloric intakes are so low, the drops may not even serve a valid purpose. Due to the lack of scientific backing the company provides, it seems as if they are masking the products for a reason. They also give you little to no guidance for exercise, but recommend it. Once again very vague.

Does Liquid Amino Diet Have Side Effects?

Everyone’s bodies can react differently, especially when you are lowering your caloric intake to 1,000 calories in Phase 1. The side effects are merely from lack of calories, and not the supplements themselves. Some known side effects have been fatigue, constipation, headaches, and irritability.

What Is Liquid Amino Diet Support Like?

When calling into their support line, my call was answered immediately. She was able to tell me that the ingredients were on the website, which was nice to finally figure out. When I asked about the endocrine supplements, there were not any ingredients on the website, nor did she know what was in them. This had me concerned, as I could be ingesting anything with no knowledge regarding what they are made of. The social media following is smaller than expected with a very low participation rate overall.

The Bottom Line

This program is correct in their approach by educating customers on how to eat healthy. The customers have lost weight but it is more from the caloric restrictions not the amino drops. They should have stopped there. Instead, they are inflating the cost of their program by adding in irrelevant products and supplements that do not have credible sources. I would save your money on this one, and invest in a supplement and program that will take the weight off for good while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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