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Medifast Review

"Although the prepackaged meals can be a real convenience, they can also make social outings difficult"

Medifast Review

How Does the Medifast Program Work?

Medifast was established in 1980 by Dr. William Vitale, and is essentially a meal replacement and meal delivery service for helping people lose weight. The Medifast plan menu consists of protein shakes, soups, and bars. There are over 70 meals you can choose from, and the program prides itself on its cu

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Do Dieters Lose Weight With Medifast?

There has been mixed reviews on whether or not this program helps people lose weight for the long term. Because the caloric restrictions can go as low as 800 calories per day, it would be hard not to lose weight, no matter what program you’re using. A lot rides on your liking to the foods that are prepared for you, and whether or not you enjoy the taste. The cost is also a huge factor in people’s weight loss success and or failure, as it is not a cheap program overall to follow long term. We found some outside reviews which were very helpful to read:

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