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NakedMe Tea Review

The money back guarantee is terrible. 14-days with the product being unopened, really?

Review overview


Naked Me Tea is a relatively new company based out of Chicago run by two women named Jill and Malini. Their whole mission is to provide teas that will cleanse and detoxify the body with all natural ingredients, but does it work for everyone?


  • USA based company
  • Clean website


  • Terrible money back guarantee
  • Not many great reviews
  • Taste of the tea was reported as “okay” only
  • No scientific backing

Ratings in depth

  • Customer Reviews
  • Effectiveness
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Support
2.8 10 Bad

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Written by Lauren Jones

My name is Lauren, and I come from a longstanding background of fitness and nutrition. Whether it be hiking, running, camping, or just enjoying cooking in the kitchen I have made health a focal point of my life. I love to incorporate movement, and wellness in everything I do!

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