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NakedMe Tea Review

The money back guarantee is terrible. 14-days with the product being unopened, really?

Review overview


Naked Me Tea is a relatively new company based out of Chicago run by two women named Jill and Malini. Their whole mission is to provide teas that will cleanse and detoxify the body with all natural ingredients, but does it work for everyone?


  • USA based company
  • Clean website


  • Terrible money back guarantee
  • Not many great reviews
  • Taste of the tea was reported as “okay” only
  • No scientific backing

Ratings in depth

  • Customer Reviews
  • Effectiveness
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Support
2.8 10 Bad

Naked Me Tea is a relatively new company based out of Chicago run by two women named Jill and Malini. Their whole mission is to provide teas that will cleanse and detoxify the body with all natural ingredients, but does it work for everyone? When searching down the ingredient list on the main website it took me awhile to track down, and at first glance the only information provided is that it is 100% all natural. Why not give the customer an ingredient list without having to go put a product in the shopping cart for crying out loud? Already a bit irritated.

The teas they produce come in a 28-day cleanse kit for $63.95, which includes a “boost me” morning tea, and a “cleanse me” evening tea.

They also offer a 14-day kit of the same AM and PM options for $34.95, as well as a 14-day liver detoxification kit for $36.95. Other additional are a fat burning and complexion tea both sold for $28.95.


There are an abundance of claims on the website (whether they ring true or not) I am going to write them down. First, they claim that their ingredients are 100% all natural. They also claim, “Our Naked Me Tea detox kits contain potent herbs and natural ingredients specifically selected to help improve and optimize detoxification.  By the end of the program, you should feel cleaner, lighter and healthier!”

In total their claim their teas can: 1. Increase Your Energy, 2. Boost Your Metabolism, 3. Reduce Bloat, 4. Suppress Your Appetite, 5. Remove Toxins, and 6. Motivate Weight Loss. While these all are pretty basic claims, they are also lofty promises at the same time.

Naked Me Tea discourages the consumption of drinking their teas if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is more than likely due to the ingredient “Gotu Kola” in the teas, which can have side effects.

Scientific Backing

The only signs of remotely showing any scientific backing to how their product was created, was by simply saying, “We spend exhaustive amounts of time and energy to create the best blend of tea, herbs and ingredients in such a way that each cup of Naked Me Tea has a positive impact on you and delivers the desired results you want and expect.”

There are no studies done on why the ingredients help cleanse your system, nor are there any articles linked on the site to show you why the product will indefinitely clean out your system to help you lose unwanted weight. There are basic high level overviews on the ingredients, but many times, such as my research on Gotu Kola, the facts go way beyond the small description on their website.

Is Effective?

After looking into outside reviews away from the actual site, there were more people who ordered the teas based off of the honest looking website, and were sorely disappointed by the effects the tea had on them. Many people said that the teas made them bloated ( when it was supposed to take away bloating).

Other people said that the serving sizes it called for were too small to see any results. The loose-leaf tea can be added to a steeper in the amount you wish, but you will run out of it quickly if you do not follow the intended dosage amounts. This is why many people felt a bit ripped off by the small dosage amounts. Then there were customers that said the tea tasted okay, but it did absolutely nothing for them.

Does Have Side Effects?

Because it is made with all natural ingredients as stated on the website there should be no side effects. Quote “There shouldn’t be any real side effects to the tea. No, you shouldn’t be breaking out in some crazy rash, getting headaches or anything nasty like that. All of the ingredients are 100% natural with proven safety and efficacy. If you have a reaction to the ingredients in the tea (very rare), you can stop consuming Naked Me Tea at any time."

However there were reviews of people saying that the teas made them feel more bloated, as well as contact dermatitis being a known side effect when you consume Gotu kola (which is an active ingredient in the teas.)

What Is Support Like?

When venturing over to the Naked Me Tea Support page, they do not provide a number to call, which automatically makes me raise my eyebrows. Why don’t you have a support number? E-mails typically take way longer to get a question answered as well as create an inconvenience of not being able to talk to anyone about your question. What I found interesting, was there way of marketing to people that they could be ambassadors, sellers, and reps for the company by enticing them with Lululemon gift cards. Nice try!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that their money back guarantee is terrible. 14 days unopened? If it is opened, there is no money back guarantee at all. There are companies out there that offer a much better money back guarantee which takes the risk off of the consumer. Not a fan of Naked Me Tea after it is all said and done. Not only were the reviews mixed, but the results were not that impressive either. I felt like they weren’t sure if they were a weight loss company or a detox company. I want to invest in a product that will offer me a solid money back guarantee, as well as see positive (unpaid) results from real customers. Sorry, to tell you this but tea is not the greatest to spend your money on.


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