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Plexus Slim Review

...this company is just another multi-level marketing business looking to make the big bucks...

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  • Can be mixed with water making it convenient
  • Claims to be safe for diabetics

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  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
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They are a multi-level marketing business, who pays their ambassadors to gain more business. But the real question, is the product safe and effective for maintaining healthy weight loss and a healthy life after? With its steep cost of $84.95 for a month supply of the pink drink, I would say this diet is already not sustainable.

Plexus Slim Claims

They claim that: “Plexus Slim is the most-natural way to lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. Plexus Slim also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels.”

They claim their ingredients are proven: “Proven ingredients—including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, and Garcinia.”

Lastly, they claim that “Most people begin to recognize benefits approximately 2 weeks after starting the product.”

Plexus Slim Scientific Backing

Is Plexus Slim Effective?

Does Plexus Slim Have Side Effects?

What Is Plexus Slim Support Like?

The ordering process on the site alone is very time consuming and confusing. There are many expensive supplements packaged together at insanely high retail costs. When calling into their support line, I was surprised to find out that they were closed when I called in at 11:00am. I called back the next day, and it simply said there call lines were too busy to take my call and that I need to call in again later. This was at 8:30 in the morning. All of the e-mail addresses provided were for shipping inquiries. I sent an e-mail anyway about general inquiries and still have not heard anything back.

The social media following was somewhat active, and there was a good amount of people interested in the company. The multi-level marketing business can use ambassadors in many positive ways, making social media an important outlet for business.

The Bottom Line


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Written by Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones

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