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PS1000 Diet Review promotes healthy weight loss at a sustainable rate, and they don’t misguide you with faulty promises, which is one thing I like about the business so far...

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If you have been thinking about buying PS1000 weight loss supplement and diet plan, stop for a moment and let us help you understand whether or not you should spend your money on it.  

What we liked about PS1000 

PS1000 actually promotes healthy lifestyle in regard to both diet and physical activity. On their website, you can find a wide variety of workout plans and recipes. While we can’t precisely say what works and what doesn’t, the more or less serious approach of PS1000 to helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle is evident. This is a thing that a lot of creators of dietary plans do not do, so this is certainly a big advantage of PS1000. 

Losing excessive weight is highly challenging for some individuals. You may have tried out dozens of different diet plans but have achieved absolutely nothing. That’s when you start to think about spending money on a magical diet plan that, as stated by its creators, will help you lose weight. 

PS 1000 is one of them. There is a multitude of loud diet plans promising you that you will lose weight without any effort. While some diet plans are easily identifiable scams, others are much more complex and cannot be revealed that quickly. 

What is PS1000? 

Essentially, PS1000 is a diet plan, although you get more than just a couple of plans for the money. PS1000 is a step-by-step guide that is aimed to help you with losing weight as quickly as possible. 

The diet plan of PS1000 consists of three phases: 

  • Phase 1. At this initial phase, you are supposed to start eating healthily, as advised by the diet plan. According to the creators of PS1000, the most weight loss occurs in this phase. Phase 1 can last up to 90 days. 
  • Phase 2. This phase is aimed at helping you create a new weight point that is easily maintained by your body. Phase 2 can last up to 21 days. 
  • Phase 3. In this phase, you start to slowly add sugars and starches back while maintaining healthy lifestyle and continuing to consume as many calories as you need. 

PS1000 claims that by following the diet plan, you will be able to help your body maintain the necessary level of your body’s hormones. After all, endocrine disorders are often the main reason for obesity! 

What does PS1000 contain? 

PS1000 comes with a number of products and services including menus, support, program guides, and money-back guarantees. However, for most interest for us is the Metabolic Burst, which seems to be the main component in the price of PS1000. We also should mention the Energy Burst that comes with the platinum package, however, the creators of PS1000 do not provide any data on its composition on their website. 

The Metabolic Burst contains: 

  • Amino acids arginine, glutamine, glycine, ornithine, serine, tyrosine, and glutamic acid. These can be found in regular food, especially in meat, not to mention that some of them are produced by the body naturally. 
  • Maca. Maca has been widely marketed for its health benefits, including enhanced sexual performance. As for PS1000, its creators claim that maca helps with reducing stress, increasing energy and stamina, and improving sleep quality.
  • Beta-alanine, which is naturally synthesized by the body. 
  • Rhodiola, another plant that has a number of alleged health benefits. As stated, Rhodiola improves performance, reduces fatigue, and improves mood.
  • African mango seed, which allegedly is beneficial for the production of hormone Leptin, a hormone that helps the body regulate energy balance.
  • Maltodextrin fiber, which absorbs water in the digestive tract, thereby decreasing the absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol, which in its turn supports the use of glucomannan in weight loss.
  • Potassiumniacin, one of the organic compounds of Vitamin B3 complex, Vitamin EMethyl B12Vitamin B6, and zinc, which all can also be found in food.  

Did you notice that the majority of the ingredients of the Metabolic Burst can be found in regular food? Makes me think this might be one of the key elements in the success of this diet.

Does PS1000 work? 

People are different, and so is the condition of their organisms. Some people simply have dietary imbalances while others suffer from serious hormonal disorders. Can a dietary plan help the latter? Most probably, no. Endocrinologists from all over the world put great effort into resolving issues with hormone production, so a mere dietary supplement definitely won’t be a magic pill. 

On the other hand, the creators of PS1000 do not state that it is. The health disclaimer on their website clearly states that PS1000 isn’t designed to replace medical care. On the contrary, they recommend you to always work with qualified doctors. Besides, they write that PS1000 hasn’t been evaluated by FDA. We sincerely salute their honesty and willingness to help. 

PS1000 might be able to help those with no serious medical conditions, those who only need to balance their diet to lose weight. As for cases beyond generic, PS1000 will probably be of no use.  

Does PS1000 Have Scientific Backing?

On the front page of the website there is a doctor named Dr. Karen F. Vieria who states that the ingredients in the diet drops, and the program as a whole are proven to help someone lose weight. Also, because this company promotes eating wholesome nutritious foods along with their supplements there is a multitude of information behind why healthy eating habits are said to aid in weight loss. Obviously, reducing the amount of calories a person eats has been scientifically proven to help in the weight loss journey, it is just the process that can hang people up. The one thing I am growing fond of when looking into the PS1000 program is the education and phases behind their weight loss philosophy.

Does PS1000 Have Side Effects?

As with any diet programs that promote lifestyle changes you will see side effects from dietary restrictions. Some people that have gone through this program have noticed the onset of headaches and fatigue, as sugar and starches are off limits in phase 1. The withdrawal symptoms can be some of the hardest symptoms to fight when going through this program.

Should you spend your money on PS1000? 

When looking into outside sources of consumer reviews of PS1000, (because the websites of the actual products always seem one sided) they got good reviews as a whole. I had to double-check this information, because you do not normally find this often with diet companies. On Amazon alone there was an 85% 5 star rating. Merchants like Amazon offer their consumers to leave reviews no matter if they are good or bad. The overall consensus is that the program really promoted weight loss the healthy way, and that they saw long term positive results from PS1000 program.

While we haven’t looked really deep into PS1000 and merely examined its phases and the Metabolic Burst, we think it is quite enough to give you a final recommendation. So should you buy PS1000 program? 

We adore the approach of the creators of PS1000. They made sure that their website isn’t merely a showcase of their product but a knowledge base as well. While you may decide not to buy PS1000 weight loss supplement, the data provided by them could certainly be useful. 

Nonetheless, we advise you to consult with a medical professional first before you decide to follow any diet plan, be it PS1000 or not. After all, your condition may be more serious than you think.  

To contact the company directly please visit or call 1 866 599 4240.

This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information. *Results may vary.

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