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PS1000 Ingredients: Arginine

As an amino acid, arginine is one of the building blocks of proteins in the body

The Potential Weight-Loss Benefits of Arginine

Many ingredients have been studied for their potential benefits with regard to weight loss, including the amino acid arginine. This amino acid is one of the main ingredients used in the popular weight loss supplement PS1000. Read on to learn more about the potential benefits of arginine. 

Basic Functions of Arginine in the Body

As an amino acid, arginine is one of the building blocks of proteins in the body. It also improves immune function and kidney function and helps speed up the healing time of damaged tissues in the body. Preliminary research shows that arginine may also be beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction, headaches, and heart disease, although more research is necessary to verify these potential health benefits. 

Increases Muscle Mass

Arginine is an amino acid known for its potential to increase muscle mass. This may sound counter-intuitive when it comes to weight loss, as more muscle can mean more weight, but more muscle means a faster metabolism since a pound of muscle takes more calories to maintain than a pound of body fat. Thus, increased muscle mass tends to help reduce body fat by increasing daily calorie burn even when people are at rest. 

Improves Nitric Oxide Levels

Thankfully, along with increasing muscle mass, arginine may help to decrease fat mass. It does this through a combination of mechanisms, including improving nitric oxide levels, as it’s a precursor to nitric oxide. Higher nitric oxide levels means higher levels of a protein called AMPK that controls energy balance, an increase in the sensitivity of a hormone called lipase that helps break fats down in the body, more blood flow to tissues sensitive to insulin that help increase calorie burn, and a decrease in the expression of certain genes that lead to a higher level of production of blood sugar and fat. 

Decreases Fat Accumulation

Research also shows that arginine may actually decrease the activity of some of the genes that are involved with the storage of fat in the body, making it so the muscles in the body are more likely to use the fat for energy instead of the fat being stored by the body in fat tissue. 

Can Limit Weight Gain

Some research has shown that arginine supplementation may help limit weight gain even when people eat a high fat diet. At least one study compared the weight gain of two groups eating diets high in fat, and found that the group taking arginine gained only a little more than a third of the weight gained by the group that wasn’t taking this supplement even though they consumed the same number of calories. The effect appears to be due to muscle using calories more efficiently to limit the need for these calories to be stored as body fat. 

Increases the Development of Brown Fat

There are two types of fat in the body: white fat that the body accumulates and brown fat that actually helps the body burn more fat and calories. Arginine appears to affect genes that promote the growth of the healthier brown fat in the body while minimizing the storage of white fat in the body, helping to bring about weight loss. Having more brown fat may improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk for diabetes and obesity. 

Targets Hard to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat tends to be particularly hard to get rid of, but arginine supplementation may help with this problem as well as making it so more fat than muscle is lost during weight loss. Some studies have shown losses in abdominal circumference of as much as 4 centimeters in 12 weeks. Belly fat increases the risk for health problems including heart disease, so it’s particularly important to get rid of it if you can. 

Improves Sensitivity to Insulin

Reduced insulin sensitivity leads to multiple health problems, including the development of diabetes. Arginine may help to make the body more sensitive to insulin, decreasing the amount of carbohydrates that are stored as body fat in the body even in high fat diets. 

Increases the Release of Human Growth Hormone 

Arginine may help to increase the release of HGH, which in turn tends to give people more energy, decrease body fat, and increase muscle mass. However, taking arginine as a pre-workout supplement may reduce this beneficial effect on HGH.  

Increases Exercise Tolerance

Taking arginine before a workout may make it possible to work out for longer, as it appears to help you use oxygen more efficiently. It also boosts energy levels and the delivery of nutrients to the cells, which can contribute to increased exercise tolerance. This means you’ll burn more calories overall and be more likely to lose weight. 

More Effective in Combination With Dietary Changes and Exercise

Be sure to follow a reduced-calorie diet, such as the ps1000 diet, along with the PS1000 supplement as this will increase the beneficial results seen by arginine. Likewise, adding regular cardio and strength training exercise to your routine will enhance the effects of the supplement. The strength training exercises will help minimize muscle loss and increase fat loss while you lose weight, so don’t skip this. 

More Effective in Combination With Other Amino Acids and Weight Loss Supplements

Some studies have shown that a combination of popular weight-loss supplements, including other amino acids, conjugated linoleic acid (or CLA) and caffeine, may enhance weight loss benefits. This bodes well for the combination of arginine along with the other active ingredients in PS1000 that are backed by scientific research. 

Some People May Experience Side Effects

Although the body itself makes some arginine, taking it in large amounts may cause side effects in some people, including bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. People with certain health problems, including kidney or liver problems shouldn’t take arginine supplements as it could increase potassium to unsafe levels in these individuals. If you’re uncertain about the levels of arginine in the PS1000 supplement, it’s important to consult your doctor. 

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