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YourTea Review

YourTea is an Australian based company that offers a variety of different teas and accessories meant to help you lose weight.

Review overview


YourTea is an Australian based company that offers a variety of different teas and accessories meant to help you lose weight. They pride themselves on using ancient Chinese Medicine principles, and ingredients, as you will see below.


  • Aesthetically appealing packaging


  • Terrible money back guarantee
  • No insight to the background on the ingredient list
  • No refund policy worth paying attention to
  • Overpriced

Ratings in depth

  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Effectiveness
  • Scientific Backing
  • Money Back Guarantee
2.8 10 Bad

YourTea is an Australian based company that offers a variety of different teas and accessories meant to help you lose weight. They pride themselves on using ancient Chinese Medicine principles, and ingredients, as you will see below. They have a warehouse in California that ships throughout the United States rather easily, so you won’t have to worry about 3-week shipping delays. YourTea offers an overwhelming amount of products to buy starting with Body Teas, Mood Teas, Café Teas, and Teaware products for use. During this review I am taking a look at their detox and weight loss body tea only, and will give you a rundown of the price and product offered below.

  • Tiny Tea Teatox 14-day: $35.00
  • Tiny Tea Teatox 28-day: $55.00
  • Ingredient List: Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi, Mai Ya

The ingredient list is not familiar to most, and they fail to educate about the details on the website. The overall ordering process seemed to be more about what the product looked like rather than how it tasted, and what was actually in the tea. YourTea only provide an e-mail for contact: [email protected] and they do not give you any phone numbers to call for further questions.

YourTea Claims

While they seem to have the best customer interest in mind, they fail to talk about the return policy openly on their FAQ site, and the backing behind the ingredients. The entire website does a poor job on educating the customer; they rather try to sell and get your credit card information. Here are some claims from the website.

“At Your Tea, we are all natural, simple herbal blends. Straight from the earth, brewed in your steaming cup and into a well-deserved body.”

“Unfortunately you cannot consume our TinyTeatox when breastfeeding as it contains barley and for some, this will dry up breast milk. However once breastfeeding is completed, you can commence a TinyTeatox immediately.”

“For a small handful of customers, you may experience a mildly upset stomach for the first few days of the TinyTeatox - depending on the state of your digestive system.”

“As TinyTea is a digestive aid tea and does not have a 'laxative effect' - our TinyTea is safe for any age. However, for those 15 years of age and younger, we recommend consulting your parents first. We believe making any decision about your health in your youth is something to be taken seriously and discussed in a mature environment.”

YourTea Scientific Backing

I did not see an ounce of scientific backing on the website, as they failed to provide a write up or link to how they formulated their teas. The entire website is based on getting a sale, and putting as many products in your face as possible. With no links, or any write-ups on the checkout page about their products, it has me guessing they are not all that proud of the ingredients in their teas.

Is YourTea Effective?

There are mixed reviews on this product, as some people liked the way it made them feel and at the same time it has been said to do nothing. There was also an overall buzz that this tea is greatly overpriced, and that you are paying for the packaging (which is what I was referring to earlier before knowing the general consensus). The reviews outside of the actual website seemed much more genuine than on the official product site. We all know a site is not going to post any negative reviews for obvious reasons, so I am glad I had other options to look into.

Does YourTea Have Side Effects?

The overall feel was that the tea gave little to no side effects when consumed, however, there were a select few who became very ill when consuming it. Common side effects with tea are bathroom use (as some contain laxatives), headaches, nausea, bloating and dehydration to name a few associated with this tea. Nothing violent was reported which makes it different from other teas on the market, which often contain controversial ingredients.

What Is YourTea Support Like?

Surprise, surprise no number was given out but instead just an e-mail. This always makes me angry, as sending an e-mail is so much more impersonal than getting to talk to someone on the phone. Their return policy is as stated on the website “Your Tea International Group Ltd/Your Tea Group Pty Ltd will accept returns only for damaged goods that are not opened. Due to food regulations worldwide we cannot accept any refunds for open packages – this includes customers who are not happy with the efficacy of our tea blends. Any customer who is concerned their product is damaged or faulty can contact us via our 'contact us' page, along with photo evidence, to discuss the refund process.”

This is a bunch of lies. Who cares if the product has been opened or not? If you are not satisfied as a paying customer, you should be able to return it in my opinion. In this day and age when a competition is fierce, offering a good return policy is a must for a company that wants to stand by its product.They put all of the risk on the consumer, which is why people like me write reviews to guard people from making a purchase that may harm their bank accounts to no benefit of their own.

The Bottom Line

With a terrible, horrible, no good refund policy and zero backing to why they used the ingredients they used in the teas, makes this product a gamble for sure! It is not cheap, and it is said to smell extremely strong for those just opening up the box. Their customer service is only existent through an e-mail, which does not leave me reassured. They make shallow claims on the website, as well as make little to no claims about the ingredient lists for the products. All in all, I am not impressed with this tea, and would not recommend you take a gamble on a potential dud of a product.


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