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Spring 2016 Fitness Trends

Now that Spring 2017 has arrived, it is the perfect time to check in with our “get fit” goals that we set for ourselves back in January.

It is hard to believe that three months has flown by that quick. Before you know it, the sunny days and vacays will be calling your name.

After three months of creating a routine and challenging yourself to stick to it day in and day out, it can get a little mundane. Do not be afraid to make a few tweaks to keep things exciting! We suggest that you look into a new fitness app to add to your repertoire, a new workout outfit, or even a new line of exercise apparel all together. The best part about rewarding yourself with one of these options is that you are enhancing your progress and not hindering it in any way. We are not big fans of splurging on some extravagant meal because more times than not, it will throw you off track.

From the numerous options for wearable technology such as the Fitbit, to the steps counter that is already installed on your smartphone, chances are you have tried to incorporate some form of fitness application into your workout routine. For those of you that have done just that, you may be comfortable with what you have going on and should turn some attention towards adding a new well-being app instead. On the other hand, if you have not taken the time to find the best fitness applications to help with your workout routine, we have done it for you! Check out the list of the most popular well-being and fitness apps below and see what you can add to your daily practice.


Sleep Cycle: Sleep should always be one of your main priorities. Not only does sleep affect our mood and well-being, but our nutrition, motivation, and overall health as well. Sleep cycle works as a way to help you achieve your most restful sleeps by following your brain waves and cycles throughout the night. You have the ability to set an alarm and have it wake you up at the perfect time that is right for your body. After a few nights of using the app you will have a sufficient amount of charted nights of sleep allowing you to recognize your sleeping patterns and make the most of each snooze.

Headspace: Clearing our minds can be an extremely difficult task. Often times we are bombarded with so many things throughout the day that by the time time our heads hit the pillow it all catches up to us and keeps us from achieving a good night of sleep. This application offers guided meditations and exercises to train your mind in letting go of thoughts creating peace in your mind. It can be very helpful to read over tips of how to de-stress and just relax. Give your mind a break and let this application work as a psychological personal trainer!

MyFitnessPal: Nutrition is one of the main aspects of a healthy well-being. Whether you are attempting to shed a few pounds or simply just become more aware of what you are putting into your body, MyFitnessPal is a great tool. This app allows you to chart all the foods you consume along with water, exercise, etc. Give it a try and see how you are doing now and where your potential lies!


Nike Training Club: It is safe to say that we all love Nike products. This application is perfect for any type of workout you are feeling. You have the ability to pick any type of workout for anytime that you have on your hands. It also features helpful tips from professionals and much more.

Run Keeper: This app uses your phone’s built-in GPS to create a route or map that is best fit for your run. You do not have to be training for a marathon to be interested in giving this app a try, in fact it is great for starters if you are challenging yourself to pick up a new exercise.

Flexter: This application is free which is always an incentive. Besides the multiple different workouts it suggests, it features several well-made videos to guide you to using your best form and maximizing your strength in each position.

Fitstar Yoga: Sometimes finding your zen in the comfort of your own home at any time is the best. At night if you are having trouble sleeping or starting of your morning with a clear mind, yoga is always a great option. You can have yoga experts advice and classes right at your fingertips with this awesome yoga application!

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new outfit? Chances are that may have been one of your rewards for reaching your goals (or maybe that is just me). I find a great sense of achievement when I can add a new workout outfit to my closet after making some noticeable progress in reaching my ideal figure. We are here to give you a little taste of what the go-to look is for this Spring. The bright colors are great and all, but neutrals are the way to go this year. Considering Athleisure has been all the hype in 2016, you want to be feeling confident strutting around in your workout clothes both inside and outside of the gym. Your next purchase should fall under the subtle tones of blush pink to heather gray and of course the traditional jet black.

The final reward that you should delve into is trying out a new workout line all together. I know this can be a daring task seeing as how normally once we find a line that accents our bodies the way we like it, there is no point in testing the waters with other brands. Keep in mind that you never know what else is out there until you try. There have been celebrities coming out with fitness lines lately to make your athleisure experience a little easier to follow. If Fabletics by Kate Hudson did not fit to please you with it’s lower price point, another flawless celebrity icon is launching her new line. Beyonce has partnered with TopShop to launch Ivy Park, a line that was inspired by her upbringing and inspiration to live a fit lifestyle. The line includes everything from clothing to shoes. The difference with this launch is that TopShop, a British retailer, is not promoting it as a conventional collaboration as they normally would, it is an actual partnership. That being said, there are numerous options for workout clothing to try out and keep you inspired on your fitness venture.

Hopefully one of the three options above leaves you intrigued in starting something new and spicing up your fitness and health routine! Good luck!







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