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The two programs you can choose include the six-week coaching programs and the New You 30-day Challenge. As you can already notice, all of these programs are directed at women only.


  • Easily Accesable
  • Lots of free information
  • Easy excercises
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • A Variety Of Programs To Choose From


  • Expensive
  • Can be overwhelming with so many followers
  • Requires a lot of time and dedication
  • No Authentic Reviews

None other than Danette herself created the Danette May Diet Program. She offers a series of E-books as well as diet programs to help a person achieve their health and fitness goals. She has been in the health, fitness, and nutrition space for about 15 years, which makes her look credible when writing different fitness and weight loss books, but do her products deliver? When looking at the website it is rather long and drawn out regarding which products to purchase, and they are not very detailed about what you will be getting UNTIL you click “Buy Now.” Once you click that button you will be scrolling down a very long page of jabber. The three e-books you can choose from are: 3 day Bikini Body Detox, 7-Day Jumpstart, and Bikini Body Recipes with over 150 recipes to choose from. The two programs you can choose include the six-week coaching programs and the New You 30-day Challenge. As you can already notice, all of these programs are directed at women only.  

The Facts: 

All of the products that Danette May sells are in the form of an e-book or e-program, and it will feel very “scammy” when purchasing. All of these offers are flying in your face, with red count down clocks letting you know that 75% off is only available for 6 more minutes. Don’t be worried about it though, as they offer a 60 day money-back guarantee on the products through a company called Click Bank.  

The e-Books can cost up to $27.99, while the diet programs can cost anywhere from $150-$250 for a one time purchase. The 30-Day Challenge is only available at certain times, and they will capture your email address if you want to be placed on a waiting list. Very clever indeed. These are one time purchases on your credit card, and there is no auto shipments occurring as the products are mostly online.  

What’s The Word?  

When looking for any detailed review of the different programs offered by Danette May, you will only find people who are promoting the products as affiliates on many different online pages. She does a good job of making sure no negative words get out about her e-books, and programs because there are no authentic reviews to consider. This tells me that not many people are actually doing her programs, and the people who are positively reviewing her products and then providing links to purchase are getting a serious kick back. Where is the authenticity here? On the bright side, I did find some reviews on her cookbook offered which was a relief!  

 TY said,

I wish there was a different cover picture, but otherwise this book and her online help and suggestions led to my brother’s 20# weight loss, and his wife, my 13# loss and we ALL feel really good!

Another  Amazon Customer said:

I was looking forward to receiving this book. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the recipes in this book! We eat with far more veggies and healthy foods – not dips, wings, and pizzas! Far too many low cal dessert recipes rather than main meal options.

What Do The Danette May Diet Programs Offer?   

If you are looking into buying the 3-Day Bikini Body Detox, you will be given a three-day menu plan as well as a detailed shopping list. On top of that you will be getting a 15-minute activity plan to follow. The cost is around $7.99 regularly for this program, but prices are always subject to change with e-programs.  

The 7-Day Jumpstart is really just an add on to the 3-Day Bikini Detox and it provides meal plans with recipes to follow. The focus of the jumpstart is to focus on preparing foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. The cost for this will be anywhere from $15.00-$20.00. Both of the programs are available at all times unlike the 30-day Challenge and the 6 Week Coaching program.  

 The cookbook has quick and easy recipes for a pretty simple price, but not everyone liked how the book was constructed. Some of the reviews complained about the recipes as well, and then on the flip side people lost weight with it too. Overall, the cookbook was mediocre in the eyes of the customer. Overall, Danette May offers different meal plans, recipes, and activities for you to follow whether you are doing her jump-start program or her 30-day challenge.  

Pros  Cons 
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • A Variety Of Programs To Choose From 
  • A lot of Information To Process 
  • No Authentic Reviews 

Are Danette May’s Programs Worth A Try? 

If you are into e-books, and e-programs this might be a good fit for you and your healthy journey. The prices are not terrible, and they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee from Click Bank. If you are looking to contact the company for more questions, click here. There are no wonky side effects that have been reported, or really any customer feedback on most of her programs for that matter. Many people who are talking about this program are affiliates trying to make money, so the authenticity has slipped away in that regard. Overall, this program isn’t terrible but they do not offer a lot of insight as to how people like the programs after purchasing. There is a Facebook page that has customer activity, mainly sharing fitness tips and fun recipes. There is no cost to look at her Facebook page, so take a look and see if it would be a good fit for you before purchasing her different programs.  

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