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Simply Weight Loss Review

Is Weight Loss Really That Simple?

Losing weight is hard work, so many people look for a solution to help them get on track. Simply Weight Loss promises to be one such solution.  

In order to follow the Simply Weight Loss diet, you need to purchase a kit. Each kit lasts for six weeks and contains the Simply Weight Loss pills you’ll take to lose weight. 

  • The Peak Performance Kit is $525 (The company promises the best results with it) 
  • The Intro Kit is $425 
  • Simply Day and Nighttime Kit is $219 

Let’s take a closer look at how this diet works.  

Simply Weight Loss Claims 

Simply Weight Loss claims that people can double their weight loss within six weeks by using the products contained in the kits. Along with losing 15–22 pounds in six weeks, the company states the Simply Weight Loss products target that hard-to-lose belly fat while toning and tightening the skin. 

Simply Weight Loss also claims to support the cardiovascular system, smooth out wrinkles, and control the body’s inflammatory response. 

In addition, the manufacturer states the products help with sleep and mood while increasing energy levels and relieving stress. 

These claims mean Simply Weight Loss isn’t meant to be merely a diet solution. It’s supposed to boost people’s overall health and well-being.  

Simply Weight Loss Ingredients/Plan 

Simply Weight Loss consists of a three-step plan. Dieters need to drink water, take the herbs provided in the kit, and eat enough food. In fact, while other diets cut calories, Simply Weight Loss encourages people to eat enough so they can maintain their energy levels while losing weight. 

The Peak Performance Kit

Touted as the option for those who want accelerate weight loss. This kit includes: 

  • Day and Nighttime Formula 
  • EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) 
  • 2 Carbo-Block 
  • 1 Small and 1 Large Fat Stabilizer 
  • 1 Water Bottle  

The Intro Kit

This kit includes: 

  • 6 Week Supply Day and Night Time Formula 
  • 1 Essential Fatty Acids 
  • 1 Carbo-Block 
  • 1 Small Fat Stabilizer 
  • Water Bottle (sizes and colors may vary) 

Lastly, the Day and Nighttime Kit, which according to Simply Weight Loss, these products are the most important aspects of the diet to losing the weight. 

The Herbs

The Simply Weight Loss pills contain an assortment of herbs. These pills include: 

  • Bladderwrack 
  • Chromium 
  • Fo-Ti 
  • Guarana 
  • Hawthorn Berry 
  • Iodine 
  • Licorice Root 
  • Citrus Aurantium 
  • Mate 
  • Magnolia Bark 
  • Uva-Ursi 
  • Vanadium 
  • Calcium Phosphate 
  • Cascara Sagrada 
  • Chamomile 
  • Fennel 
  • Orange Peel 
  • Senna 
  • Valerian Root 

The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Simply Weight Loss 

There has yet to be any clinical research backing up the claims made by Simply Weight Loss. However, some of the ingredients used in the Simply Weight Loss pills have proven benefits.  

Chromium is one such ingredient with proven results. Studies show chromium regulates insulin. Insulin is responsible for maintaining normal blood sugar levels in the body and metabolizing carbohydrates, this makes it easier to lose weight. 

Iodine is also present in the Simply Weight Loss products. Research has shown that it stimulates the metabolism. Iodine stimulates thyroid hormones and boosts the immune system function because of its antibacterial effects on the human body. With a properly working thyroid, many people experience weight loss naturally. 

Simply Weight Loss pills also include Magnolia Bark which helps lower anxiety and stress. One study found that Relora reduces cortisol levels, and the participants reported less depression, anger, fatigue, tension, and overall stress. Relora contains a combination of tree bark extracts, including magnolia bark, so this study backs up Simply Weight Loss claims.  

Questionable Evidence

Guarana is also in Simply Weight Loss pills, but the evidence for this supplement it isn’t as clear-cut. Simply Weight Loss claims that it helps stimulate the blood flow, and that reduces headaches in those who take it. Guarana contains caffeine, and research has shown that caffeine can prevent headaches. However, when combined with caffeine in energy drinks, it can damage a person’s cardiovascular health, according to a study. In fact, some young adults have been admitted to emergency rooms after ingesting guarana-based energy drinks. While caffeine is not listed as an ingredient in Simply Weight Loss, dieters need to be aware of potential side effects.  

The evidence for hawthorn berry is also found in Simply Weight Loss pills. SWL claims that it normalizes blood pressure, and that is partially true. A study of diabetics with hypertension found that hawthorn reduces diastolic blood pressure but does not have an impact on systolic blood pressure. That means it doesn’t reduce the pressure your heart exerts when pumping blood through your body.  

Citrus Aurantium is included in Simply Weight Loss pills to boost energy and suppress the appetite. It’s also supposed to increase metabolic rates and help people burn more calories. This supplement became popular after Ephedra was banned in the US by the FDA for causing severe life-threatening or disabling conditions in some people. 

While these herbs have at least some evidence to back up Simply Weight Loss claims, others do not.

Not Quite Beneficial

Bladderwrack is supposed to regulate the amount of iodine in the thyroid. This is important since the thyroid keeps your metabolism running, and that’s needed to burn fat. However, scientific studies have yet to prove this. 

Fo-ti is supposed to prevent premature aging while increasing energy and fertility. While some preliminary research in China has found that it might improve immune function, high cholesterol, and constipation, there is no evidence to suggest that it actually rejuvenates the body.  

Simply Weight Loss claims that licorice root has a soothing effect on your stomach when combined with herbal formulas, but research does not back up that claim. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health states that while studies on licorice root have been completed, researchers do not have enough evidence to support its use for health conditions. It can even be dangerous. If licorice root is taken in large doses over a long period of time, it can lower potassium levels and cause high blood pressure. That can eventually lead to muscle and heart issues.  

While many of the ingredients are used based on scientific studies, no study has been done to show how these ingredients interact with one another or if, when taken together, they provide a healthy alternative for weight loss.  

Word on the Street About Simply Weight Loss 

A large majority of reviews that were found on SWL are positive. Many people claim that it makes it easier for them to sleep, and they feel more energized when they wake up in the mornings. 

That’s not all. According to testimonial and social media reviews, this product helps people achieve their weight loss goals. It jumpstarts weight loss and makes it easier to keep the weight off for the long term. 

While the Simply Weight Loss reviews are positive, they are also limited. There are only a few Simply Weight Loss reviews available online.  

The Bottom Line: Is Simply Weight Loss Worth a Try? 

No, based on Insufficient data provided. While there is anecdotal evidence that Simply Weight Loss has worked for a few people, there isn’t enough scientific proof to actually be sure. With there being so little data and the extreme prices, it’s not even worth purchasing to test for possible results. Those who want to lose weight would likely be better off trying a diet that is backed by science. Such a diet would be more likely to provide the results dieters really want.


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