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We Can’t All Be “The Rock”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an icon in not only the Hollywood world, but in fitness and exercise as well..

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an icon in not only the Hollywood world, but in fitness and exercise as well. His figure is very recognizable and may be an idol to many of you men out there looking for fitspiration. “The Rock” has been working on his figure day in and day out for years and years. At the age of 43 today, he is still in killer shape partly due to the routine he acquired in his part-time professional wrestling career, his roles in movies, and his reputation of course.

Why are we honing in on someone so extreme as ‘The Rock’?

Recently in the media, a man by the username nycballer was featured in a story covered by E! News. He is a man in his late 30’s that felt like he needed a change in his life, just as many of us have recently decided. It is tempting to just go cold turkey into a new workout and eating plan. Dive right in and leave your old habits behind. As great and doable as that may sound with enough inspiration, it is just not reasonable.

Here is a little comedic relief to have you know that you are not alone when you put all your eggs in one basket, and think that your lifestyle will be able to change overnight. This man took it upon himself to follow the in-depth routine (including food prep and workouts) that “The Rock” had detailed in articles such as one featured on Including everything from the grind in the workouts that begin with a 30 to 50 minute run at 4 a.m., interrupted by breakfast, then continued with steel. This breakfast is not your typical breakfast; it requires steak, two cups of oatmeal, eggs, etc. Once he eats breakfast, he hits the weight room for training. As a general description of the workout, he lifts ”heavy, hard, and often.”

This nycballer, made it halfway through his 30-day challenge before he realized it really was just unattainable. I am certain that with gradual effort and continuous hard work he may reach these goals, and somewhere down the line a similar physique, but that is just not reality in a month or two or even three for that matter. “The Rock” replied to this man’s efforts with a tweet saying:

“Uh oh. This kind of only works if you train 2 times a day, work 14hrs on set and are half Samoan/Half Black. And cuss. ”

He said it himself. For all of you that have been following your favorite Instagram models, exercise bloggers, and incredibly fit celebrities let them be an inspiration and motivation. Do not get yourself thinking you can become them overnight! Now go out and start tweaking your daily routine, to one day get to where you want to be!



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Written by Kylie Daniels

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