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Train Like Your Favorite Celebrity

With close to 90 Celebrity Clients, Harley Pasternak has created quite a name for himself in the fitness world...

With close to 90 Celebrity Clients, Harley Pasternak has created quite a name for himself in the fitness world. Training celebrities of all shapes, sizes, and ages have been his strong suit as well as numerous honors he has achieved along the way. Harley is a certified nutritionist with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto as well as an Honors Degree in Kinesiology from University of Western Ontario. These are just a few of his achievements; he has also published several books including “5-Factor Fitness” and three others.

This Los Angeles resident is not your typical Equinox trainer; he in fact is far more than that. He is actually considered a celebrity with his personal achievements by themselves. Through incredibly hard work, effort, and time he has become one of the top fitness icons and influences for the celebrities we are inspired by each day. Behind every great motivation there is groundwork to be put into place, and this man does just that. He began taking on his first clients at the age of 18 back in his hometown of Toronto. It was then that he began his journey to change people’s lives and enhance their fitness and diet plans.

Mr. Pasternak claims he can get any woman to lose weight (pretty bold statement), but the challenge is when he is hired to take some of the fit women in Hollywood (such as Halle Berry) and get them into shape for roles such as “Catwoman”. He has taken on numerous clients over the years all with different goals from pregnant clients such as Kim Kardashian, to singers like Adam Levine, to models such as Kate Upton. You name them, and Harley has probably crossed paths with them at some point.

Being the driven individual that he is, chances are he will tell you there are several ways to lose weight, create a clean and healthy diet, and give you several different workouts to improve different parts of your body. But the key to success is sustainability.

Sure, we may not all have the drive to work our hardest in each workout we try, and to always steer clear from those french fries while out having appetizers with friends, but with balance and sustainability you are on track to success no matter what. Some hardcore trainers may say that if you are really enjoying the flavor of something you should not eat it, food is just fuel. This intelligent Mr. Pasternak would most definitely disagree. Nobody is perfect, not even the most fit figures in the world. There is no sense in overdoing anything, or shooting for extremes because you will not attain your goal. Just as the alternative, if you just sit back with excuses you will not wake up one day with a new lifestyle. It all begins with you and your decisions.

Take Rick Fox (a former Los Angeles Lake and television star): “My tendency was to over train. Harley has taught me to eat healthier, simplify my workouts, and maximize results.”

Eve (famous singer):“Before I met Harley, I was never able to find the time or motivation to work out. His brilliant regime of twenty-five-minute workouts has enabled me to make fitness a part of my life and healthful eating a priority.”

Mr. Pasternak continues to train and refine the lives of several celebrities today. Look to figures like him and his hardworking clients for inspiration, and realize that you yourself are just like them. With the proper balance, sustainable diet, and workouts you will achieve the best you.

The Takeaway: Let this insight on celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak inspire you to keep on your commitment to changing your lifestyle, little by little, day by day. The key to training like your favorite celebrity is in yourself and the balanced routine you create.

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Written by Kylie Daniels

My name is Kylie Daniels and I have a strong passion for health and nutrition. I was raised in Southern California, and am now attending Boise State University in Idaho to complete my B.B.A. degree in General Business and Marketing. My interest began a few years back when I was a part of the opening of a brand new juice bar. Here I learned the importance of eating healthy, balanced exercise, and the power of a nutritional lifestyle. This education has inspired me to research the latest diets, cleanses, and products to help guide you to be your best self!

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