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    PS1000 Ingredients: Vitamin E

    PS1000 Ingredients: Vitamin E

    The PS100 diet is getting rave reviews, and for good reason. It enables people to lose weight fast, with a combination of a low-calorie diet and a supplement. Our favorite weight loss supplement today, the PS1000 supplement, includes Vitamin E as one of the main ingredients. Why was it included and how does it help?  The […]

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Potassium

    PS1000 Ingredients: Potassium

    Our favorite supplement, the PS1000 supplement, contains many ingredients designed to help you lose weight quickly and easily. The supplement is a crucial component of the first phase of the diet and is designed to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to lose weight faster. 

    If you’re getting ready to start the PS1000 diet, you might be wondering why potassium is included and how it’s going to help you lose weight as quickly as possible. Potassium is known to help build muscle, help boost metabolism and to prevent fluid retention. This is all important for anyone who wants to lose weight and to keep it off. 

    Helps Build Muscles Which Promote Faster Weight Loss 

    Potassium helps the muscles in the body work more efficiently, which helps them grow faster. When you have more muscles that can work better, you’re able to use the calories you take in more efficiently. Instead of the calories turning into fat in your body because they’re not needed, they’re going to be used by the muscles potassium helps create. Instead of more fat, you’ll have more muscles and will be able to get rid of the extra pounds you have easier.  

    Helps Boost Metabolism and Provide More Energy 

    Along with helping muscles grow, potassium helps boost metabolism and helps provide you with more energy. Your metabolism is what helps you convert the calories you eat into muscles instead of fat. The extra energy provided by the potassium enables you to ensure you’re up and moving so the muscles are being used and can use the calories you take in.  

    When you’re on a low-calorie diet like the PS1000 diet to promote weight loss quickly, the added energy and the metabolism boost provided by extra potassium can help make sure you reach your goals quickly and can help you make the most efficient use of the calories you are eating. You’ll be able to use every bit of the calories, so you burn more fat.  

    Helps Reduce Fluid Retention 

    Fluid retention is something you might not have thought about before. Basically, your body can hold onto excess fluids, which are heavy. If you get rid of the excess fluids in your body, you can actually lose a significant amount of weight quickly. Potassium helps you get rid of the excess fluids in your body by making sure everything you take in is used. You’ll be able to reduce fluid retention in the future with the help of potassium, so you don’t just regain the excess fluid once again.  

    Helps the Major Organs in the Body Function Properly 

    A major benefit of potassium, and why it’s one of the most important ingredients in the PS1000 supplement, is that it helps just about every major organ in the body function better. Potassium can help the heart, kidney, liver, and more work more efficiently to use the nutrients you’ll take in every day. 

    Deficiencies in potassium can manifest as issues with these major organs and severe deficiencies can lead to major medical issues. The good news is, potassium is found in many of the foods you’ll eat. When you also take a supplement like the PS1000 supplement, you’re helping ensure all the major organs in your body have the help they need to work properly and effectively. 

    The nutrient works differently for each major organ, but it basically provides the help your organs need to use other nutrients effectively and to make sure they’re working as effectively as possible. From the heart to the kidneys, the more efficiently these organs work, the easier it is for you to use the nutrients you take in instead of turning them into fat.  

    Why Supplementing Potassium is Crucial in the First Phase 

    Your body needs nutrients like potassium to function properly and to ensure you’re healthy. Potassium is included in the PS1000 supplement because it’s an incredibly important nutrient. When you reduce your calories significantly, it’s too easy to not get enough potassium every day. The supplement includes potassium to ensure you have sufficient amounts every day. 

    With potassium being included in the supplement, you’re able to make sure you’re getting enough to keep your major organs as healthy as possible and to help them work more efficiently so you can use the calories you’ll take in each day. You’ll also be able to build more muscles, boost your metabolism and energy, and reduce fluid retention.  

    How You Can Get More Potassium After the Supplement 

    Potassium is incredibly important for your body, so it’s important to ensure you’ll get enough of it. When you’re doing phase one of the PS1000 diet, you’ll be taking their supplement at the same time, so you don’t have to worry. You’ll get the potassium you need every day to ensure you get all the benefits it provides and to prevent a potassium deficiency.  

    When the first phase is over, you won’t have to take the supplement anymore. You’ll want to make sure you get plenty of potassium when you’re eating every day to ensure you continue to receive the benefits it offers. The good news is, potassium is included in many of the foods you’ll eat. You can get extra potassium from leafy greens, avocados, mushrooms, bananas, and more. There are many different foods that fall under clean eating that enable you to ensure you’ll easily get plenty of potassium every single day. 

    Potassium and the PS1000 Diet 

    Potassium is such an essential nutrient, you’re going to be happy to know it’s included in the PS1000 supplement to help aid in your weight loss. This is our favorite supplement because of the ingredients, like potassium, that will make it much easier for you to lose the weight fast and ensure you’re as healthy as possible while you learn how to eat healthier foods. Along with the other ingredients included in the supplement, you’ll be able to get all the nutrients you need while you lose the weight and start your healthier, new lifestyle.  

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Vitamin B-6

    PS1000 Ingredients: Vitamin B-6

    PS1000 is gaining traction as an incredibly effective diet that can help people lose a lot of weight fast. The supplement used in the first phase of the PS1000 diet is one of our favorite supplements right now, and it includes many different ingredients specially included to make sure the supplement can help dieters like you lose weight faster. One of the main ingredients, Vitamin B-6, is an important ingredient for those who want to try the PS1000 diet to lose weight.  

    Vitamin B-6 is used throughout the body and can aid in several important functions that are vital for weight loss. It helps with the conversion of glycogen to glucose, helps prevent the accumulation of fat, and has a mild diuretic effect. However, this vitamin cannot do everything on its own and is not considered a stand-alone vitamin that can help with weight loss. For this reason, it is combined with other ingredients in the PS1000 diet to help you lose weight quickly. 

    Vitamin B-6 Helps Convert Glycogen to Glucose 

    A stored energy source called glycogen is found in the liver. This needs to be converted to glucose so your body can use it. Once it is converted, it increases your energy levels and enables you to do more. This can boost your energy levels significantly without you needing to eat more foods, which can help you stick with the 1,000-calorie diet that makes up phase one of the PS1000 diet. 

    Included in the supplement you’ll take is Vitamin B-6, and a large part of the reason it was included is that it helps the liver convert glycogen to glucose. This means you can take in fewer calories and you’ll burn the calories you do take in easier. You’ll have more energy, which means you’ll be up and moving more often, which also helps you lose weight faster.  

    Vitamin B-6 Can Help Prevent the Accumulation of Fat 

    The thyroid hormones are what help use the glucose that’s in the blood. Additionally, these hormones help to strip the fats in your body from their storage sites. What this means is, the thyroid is what helps reduce the amount of fat in your body by eliminating the fat from where it’s stored.  

    Vitamin B-6 helps boost the function of the thyroid hormones, which means it can help with depleting the fats stored in your body. Since these fats are what makes up the bulk of your weight, the addition of Vitamin B-6 to help boost the thyroid hormone function is going to help you get rid of a lot of the excess weight in your body. You’ll be able to use the calories you take in more effectively as well, which means you won’t just regain the weight you’re losing and can see the effects of the weight loss faster.  

    Vitamin B-6 Has a Mild Diuretic Effect 

    Diuretics help to eliminate the fluids from the kidney. You might be surprised to know how much of your excess weight is related to fluid retention, and certain medical conditions can make this even worse.  When Vitamin B-6 is included in your diet, it helps to reduce the fluids you retain so you can rapidly lose the extra weight caused by the excess fluids.  

    Vitamin B-6 only acts as a mild diuretic, but it does help reduce the excess fluids effectively. This is often the bulk of the weight a person loses at the very beginning of their diet and can be the reason for a large loss in weight just in the first week or two of a new diet. As the kidney’s functions are improved, the body gets better at reducing fluid retention, so this weight does not reappear. 

    Vitamin B-6 Should be Used in Combination with Diet, Exercise, and Other Nutrients 

    Like many other nutrients, Vitamin B-6 isn’t going to be effective if that’s the only supplement you take. Vitamin B-6 is only one of the main ingredients in the PS1000 supplement and works with the other nutrients to help boost your weight loss while you’re in phase one of the PS1000 diet.  

    Even though there haven’t been huge studies to determine the effectiveness of Vitamin B-6, what is already known does point to the conclusion that Vitamin B-6 can help with many body functions to promote faster weight loss and can be combined with other nutrients in a supplement like the PS1000 supplement to help the other nutrients do more. All the nutrients work together to create a powerful weight loss supplement that’s carefully designed to provide the right nutrients, so your body can get the help it needs to burn fat faster.  

    The supplement, used in conjunction with the diet, is going to provide many benefits for you thanks to the addition of Vitamin B-6. Exercising routinely, which is made easier by the added energy you’ll get from Vitamin B-6 can help you lose weight even faster and can help you create lean muscles that will help you continue to lose weight and then keep it off when you’re done with the weight loss part of your journey to a healthier life.  

    Vitamin B-6 is an Important Part of Your Journey to Lose Weight 

    While Vitamin B-6 hasn’t been definitively proven to exclusively help promote weight loss, it does help boost many functions in your body that will help you lose weight and can help you gain more energy without needing to eat more. It’s a vital nutrient that you’ll want to make sure is in your diet, so you can lose the weight you want to lose and be healthier overall. 

    If you’re getting ready to start the PS1000 diet, this is one of the ingredients in the supplement you’ll take when you begin phase one. You’ll likely want to make sure you continue to get Vitamin B-6 as a part of your diet in the second and third phases as well because of the impact it can have on your body. With this and other nutrients included in the PS1000 diet supplement, you’re going to be sure to see the results you want as quickly as possible and start working on a healthier future for yourself.  

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Methyl B-12

    PS1000 Ingredients: Methyl B-12

    Today, many people are looking for an effective and fast weight loss plan to help them lose weight as quickly as possible and learn to be healthier. We like the PS1000 diet because it helps many people reach these goals and can be an incredibly effective way for you to lose weight. In fact, it has helped many people lose a lot of weight quickly, with some reviewers saying they lost up to 100 pounds.  

    Our favorite weight loss supplement, the PS1000 supplement, includes many ingredients to help promote weight loss during the first phase of the diet. Methyl B-12 is one of these ingredients and is included because of the benefits it can provide.  

    Different Types of B-12 – Methylcobalamin verses Cyanocobalamin 

    The most common type of Vitamin B-12 is Cyanocobalamin, but another form of Vitamin B-12 is Methylcobalamin B-12, also known as Methyl B-12. This is an important nutrient that helps with everything from the formation of nerves and red blood cells in the body to helping the thyroid create the hormones needed for the body to work properly. 

    Methyl B-12 is the less common form of Vitamin B-12, but it is quickly becoming the more preferred version. This form does not include small trace amounts of cyanide like Cyanocobalamin does, which many people find preferable even though the small traces of cyanide are not big enough to cause any issues. Methyl B-12 is also easier for the body to use when it’s taken in a supplement, is easier for the body to absorb, and it remains active for a much longer period compared to Cyanocobalamin B-12.  

    Because it can be easier for the body to absorb and works longer, Methyl B-12 is the form chosen for the PS1000 supplement. The main reason this vitamin was included is that it can help the thyroid make the hormones that are necessary for the body to be able to regulate energy production and metabolism. This complements the other ingredients in the supplement to ensure you will receive all the nutrients you need while you’re on a low-calorie diet to lose weight fast. 

    Methyl B-12 Helps the Thyroid Make Hormones  

    The thyroid is what produces the hormones that tell the body what to do. An inactive thyroid is not going to provide the body with sufficient hormones, which can cause medical issues like a loss of energy or a lowered metabolism that makes it more difficult to lose weight. Supplementing with Methyl B-12 can help boost the thyroid’s function and help it create the hormones needed. 

    The hormones that Methyl B-12 can specifically help with are the ones that are needed to regulate energy production and metabolism. Energy production is crucial as this is what gives you the ability to get up and moving throughout the day. If you are not producing enough of these hormones, it could feel like you have a more difficult time than you should getting up and going in the morning or that you don’t have the energy to make it through your day. 

    Metabolism is crucial as well, especially if you’re ready to lose weight. If you have a slower metabolism, you’re going to have a much more difficult time losing weight. Your metabolism is what enables the calories you ingest to turn into energy for your body to use. When this is too slow, you’re storing more of the calories as fat, not using them. When you boost your metabolism, you start burning calories faster and are able to burn more calories, so they don’t just turn into fat. Boosting your energy and your metabolism enables you to use the calories you take in more effectively and helps you get up and going throughout the day.  

    Why Methyl B-12 is Included in the PS1000 Supplement 

    Vitamin B-12 is typically found in meats and dairy products so it should be a part of the foods you eat every day. However, when you’re on a diet, it can be easy to become deficient in nutrients like Vitamin B-12 just because you’re not eating as much food as you normally would.  

    The creators of PS1000 decided to include this in their supplement to ensure you will take in enough Vitamin B-6 while you’re going through the low-calorie first phase of the diet. Combined with the other ingredients, it helps make a supplement that’s going to help make sure you get all of the vital nutrients you’ll need to be as healthy as possible and lose weight faster.  

    Methyl B-12 was chosen as the form of Vitamin B-12 for the supplement because it’s easier for your body to absorb and use. Since it also remains in your body longer, you can be sure you’ll have sufficient Vitamin B-12 for your body to use when needed so it can regulate your energy and your metabolism. This is going to be very important for you as you try to learn to eat healthier foods and as you start to lose weight quickly. 

    Learn More About the Supplement and Weight Loss Plan Today 

    If you’re ready to start losing weight and you want to lose weight fast, we recommend the PS1000 diet and suggest using our favorite supplement, the PS1000 supplement. It includes many unique ingredients, such as Methyl B-12, that are specifically chosen to help you be as healthy as possible on your weight loss journey and to ensure you can get to your goal weight as quickly as possible.  

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Glutamic

    PS1000 Ingredients: Glutamic

    Glutamic is another important ingredient in the weight loss supplement PS1000. This supplement and diet plan is very popular because it works in a safe and natural way. Glutamic is included in the supplement for its ability to regulate the metabolism of fats and sugar. 

    What Is Glutamic? 

    L-glutamic acid or glutamic acid is one of numerous parts of proteins. It is listed as a non-essential amino acid. They are really needed by the body but are called non-essential because the body can synthesize them. These compounds can also be called conditionally essential because not all people produce enough of them. 

    They are produced in very small amounts, but those amounts must be sufficient. A deficiency of a non-essential amino acid such as Glutamic can inhibit the essential amino acids from working correctly. Glutamic has effects on the brain and on the environment. 

    Where Can Glutamic Be Found? 

    Glutamic is produced in small amounts by the body. It is also found in foods such as meat, eggs, chicken, fish, and dairy products. Some plants also contain glutamic acid.  

    Why Seek Additional Glutamic? 

    Though most people produce enough Glutamic acid, some people who are deficient in protein might need supplementation. L-glutamic acid works by stimulating the brain’s glutamate receptors. So, people who have neurological conditions, nervous system problems, kidney, or liver disease should not take glutamic supplements. 

    Healthy people or those who do not make enough of this amino acid may benefit from supplemental Glutamic such as its use in the diet supplement PS1000. The ability of Glutamic to regulate metabolism of fats and sugar make it a useful addition. 

    Why Are Amino Acids Important? 

    Amino acids including Glutamic acid fall into two categories. Essential amino acids are needed but can not be made by the body. They must be found in foods to be eaten or in supplements. There are nine essential amino acids that our bodies must have to function properly. If there are deficiencies health problems can develop. 

    Amino acid deficiency can cause poor brain development, kidney problems, a damaged immune system, and difficulty losing weight. 

    The second class of amino acids is called non-essential because our bodies have the ability to synthesize them. Glutamic acid is one of these. But, they may also be known as conditionally essential because not everyone produces enough of them to benefit the body fully. 

    Everyone needs to get enough of as many of these amino acids as possible for optimum health. Amino acids such as glutamic can help regulate a person’s weight. They can stimulate the body’s weight-loss hormones and body processes working better. Amino acids such as Glutamic can trigger the hormones that regulate metabolic processes to remove fat stores more quickly, burning them to be used as energy for the body. 

    Including important amino acids such as Glutamic in a weight loss supplement can make it work better to increase energy levels, encourage new muscle growth, burn fat and get rid of extra weight. 

    Why Are Weight Loss Supplements with Amino Acids Needed? 

    The poor diets, stress, and sedentary lifestyles of many Americans make up to two-thirds of us overweight and less than healthy. But, even when we increase our exercise level and strive to live healthier lives, the weight refuses to go away. 

    In order to provide a weight loss supplement such as PS1000 to be part of the successful ps1000 diet, this company did research into amino acids and their roll in successful weight loss. They found that adding amino acids to their supplement could help balance people’s hormones, replenish their bodies with needed nutrition, and improve metabolic processes. The new supplement and diet can add the good things such as vitamins and these amino acids and then get rid of the bad things such as fat, abnormal compounds, and bile to make weight loss possible. 

    Amino Acids Work Hard 

    20 percent of the body is protein. This protein is in muscles, cells, tissues, and other parts of the body. Amino acids make up the foundation of the protein molecules. So, amino acids play a huge part in body function and health including biological functions that allow the body to lose weight and gain energy. 

    Simply speaking, when protein rich foods are eaten, the protein molecules break down to expose amino acids. Then the amino acids work to wake up fat-burning hormones, protect and repair bone, muscle, and tissue, activate gasses, and more. Some amino acids such as Glutamic can cross the brain-blood divide to help with healthy brain development and function. 

    Glutamic is an important amino acid because of its ability to regulate the metabolism of sugar and of fats to limit weight gain and help with weight loss. When it is combined with the other important ingredients in PS1000 the supplement becomes a powerful, yet safe, tool in a carefully designed weight loss program. 

    This weight loss program involves three stages of taking the supplement in the form of drops along with a carefully planned clean diet with limited calorie intake. Sugars and starches are limited. After the first 90 days in stage one, stage two is for maintenance and setting a healthy weight plan. 

    Stage three is the living healthy for the rest of your life stage where the PS1000 support staff helps clients incorporate healthy eating habits into their lives. Some sugars and starches are reintroduced, and people plan a lifestyle where they limit calories to a sustainable number for their body weight. The focus is now on celebrating the weight that has been lost and not gaining it back. 

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Serine

    PS1000 Ingredients: Serine

    Serine is one of the highly effective ingredients used in the ps1000 diet. The PS1000 company, located in Boise, Idaho, is promoting a healthy weight loss solution. This supplement comes in the form of drops that are used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Serine is one of the ingredients because of its role in the processes of the immune system, blood coagulation, inflammation, and weight regulation. 

    Why Is Serine an Ingredient? 

    A successful weight loss supplement must include the correct ingredients to promote all aspects of weight loss. Serine is used to help maintain a healthy immune system and lose stress weight. But how does serine help the immune system? Serine proteases form a large group of protein-cleaving enzymes that facilitate the work of immune cells, blood coagulation, inflammation, and apoptosis. 

    Serine proteases are essential in preventing self-induced damage within cells. Serine can impact the development of immune mediated diseases. It also plays an important part in losing stress induced weight. 

    What is Serine? 

    L-serine is what is known as a non-essential amino acid. The body normally manufactures serine from vitamins in the B complex and from an amino acid called glycine. Serine is important in performing functions such as maintaining the body’s immune system with immunoglobins and antibodies.  

    Serine is critical in ensuring that the brain and the central nervous system function well. It helps form phospholipids that are required for cell production. It also plays a part in the function of DNA and RNA, metabolism of fat, and muscle formation. Serine also makes it easier for the body to absorb other important substances. 

    The Body Makes Serine 

    The body makes its own serine but, in times of illness or physical stress, this production may decline. The body requires a large enough amount of folic acid and vitamins B6 and B3 to produce adequate serine. If a person is not getting enough of the B complex vitamins in foods or supplements, the production of serine will go down. 

    When there is a deficiency of serine, a person can exhibit symptoms such as chronic fatigue, reduced or delayed cognitive or physical skills, congenital microcephaly, and seizures. There can also be nausea, insomnia, weight gain, and increased blood pressure.  

    Though eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and maintaining good general health should lead to adequate serine levels, taking a serine supplement is helpful. 

    How Serine is Made in the Body 

    The B vitamin complex allows the body to extract or make other essential substances. Some of these substances are, in turn, turned into more needed substances. For example, threonine is an essential amino acid that can be converted into glycine in the liver. Then the glycine can be turned into serine.  

    Serine can be a part of glutathione and is also a versatile neurotransmitter for the central nervous system. This serine forms an intermediate pathway from methionine to cysteine. It is also a precursor for purines and pyrimidines, which are involved in cell production. 

    Serine is involved in more minute chemical reactions and body functions that are still being studied by scientists. But, we know it is an amino acid that the body needs in an adequate supply. 

    Serine as A Cortisol Blocker 

    Some individuals may have a hard time losing weight because they have high cortisol levels. Physical and emotional stress cause our bodies to secrete cortisol from our adrenal glands. This allows the body to concentrate on dealing with the stress by suppressing the immune system. The cortisol also lowers your body’s metabolism and prevents fat burning. 

    When there is constant stress, too much cortisol is released into the body. The liver reacts to higher levels of cortisol by burning more glycogen which in turn raises the blood sugar level. This can cause blood pressure to rise. A person can even develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease when there is a deficiency of phosphatidyl serine. 

    This situation can lead to negative things such as weight gain, low levels of energy, and premature aging. Diabetes can result. The body fights this situation by regulating cortisol levels with phosphatidyl serine. Phosphatidyl serine fixes the damage that cortisol causes in the hypothalamus part of our brains. 

    Phosphatidyl serine is an acid located in the brain, immune cells, muscles, and tissues. It is found in very small amounts in foods and the body makes it. This serine is a cortisol blocker and it helps rid people of stress and the need to stress eat. 

    People who have a lot of stress can take phosphatidyl serine as a supplement, and people who want to lose weight can take a weight loss supplement such as PS1000 that contains serine and other related ingredients to help lose weight safely. 

    Losing Weight with Supplements Containing Serine 

    Because serine in the body and in supplements helps fight the buildup of cortisol and enhances the immune system, it can help you regulate your weight safely. The serine becomes part of a balanced supplement that helps you reduce body fat in the abdominal area, get optimal metabolism, increase your energy levels, and improve physical and mental health and performance. 

    The serine performs the essential task of fighting the effects of cortisol buildup and high stress levels to remove the reason for overeating. Serine also repairs tissues damaged by cortisol secretions. As part of this supplement, serine does its part to help with a gradual weight loss. 

    Why It Is Important to Combine Serine with Other Beneficial Ingredients? 

    Though there are serine supplements on the market, a person will realize more benefits by taking a weight loss supplement that combines serine with other beneficial ingredients. For people who wish to lose weight and become healthier, a combination of proven ingredients that each do their job to heal or strengthen body function, immune system, hormones, metabolism, and so on will work better. 

    Serine will do its job and enhance the performance of the other ingredients for a more balanced and lasting health solution. Serine protects and enhances the body’s immune system while fighting the bad effects of cortisol to facilitate weight loss. 

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Tyrosine

    PS1000 Ingredients: Tyrosine

    Dieters looking for supplements to support healthy weight loss are often bombarded with advertising promising miracle diets and products that simply don't live up to their absurd hype. The ps1000 diet offers a safe, effective, and scientifically proven alternative, making use of naturally-occurring amino acids and proven herbal supplements to help consumers build muscle mass, increase metabolism, and lose weight. This impressive supplement combines a number of different substances that are perfectly tailored to work in conjunction with each other to build muscle mass, improve exercise capabilities, and encourage healthy weight loss. 


    Tyrosine is just one essential component of PS1000, the primary benefits of which pertain more to mental alertness than physical stamina or muscle-building. Consumers considering this supplement can read on to find out about some of the benefits and risks of tyrosine below. 


    What is Tyrosine? 

    This non-essential amino acid is classified as hydrophobic, although it is more hydrophilic than some amino acids like phenylalanine. It can be synthesized naturally in the body from phenylalanine but is also available in supplemental form. It is best known for assisting in the formation of essential brain chemicals affecting mood and sleep patterns. 


    What Foods Naturally Contain Tyrosine? 

    There are a variety of foods that contain trace amounts of phenylalanine, which is used by the body to synthesize this important amino acid. Significant sources of phenylalanine include many types of meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, wheat, oats, beans, and nuts. However, not everyone is able to obtain enough tyrosine to meet their bodies' needs with food alone. 


    How Does It Work? 

    Tyrosine assists with the creation of several important substances, including dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, melanin, and thyroid hormones. Dopamine is known to regulate reward and pleasure centers within the brain and improve memory and motor skills, while melanin is responsible for producing skin pigmentation and thyroid hormones are responsible for regulating metabolism. Adrenaline and noradrenaline are both responsible for producing fight-or-flight responses in the presence of a perceived threat. 


    What are the Implications of This Effect? 

    Tyrosine can improve performance during times of stress thanks to its ability to assist in the production of the essential substances described above. While stress can negatively impact reasoning, memory, and attention, tyrosine is known to reduce these negative effects, especially when they are due to cold-induced stress. Two independent studies have shown that tyrosine supplements are even able to reverse mental decline and improve cognitive function. 


    What are its Weight Loss Applications? 

    When included in weight loss supplements, tyrosine works in conjunction with other essential amino acids and herbal solutions to reduce body fat by nearly 1 kg. It does not, however, improve heart rate, blood pressure, or fat excretion rates, which is why it is most effective at promoting weight loss when combined with other proven substances. As one component of a more comprehensive supplement, however, it is able to improve consumers' exercise experience, allowing them to burn more fat and lose less weight overall than those who do not take supplements containing tyrosine. 


    How is This Supplement Used for Exercise? 

    Tyrosine is usually taken in doses of between 500 and 2,000 mg anywhere from half an hour to an hour before exercise. As a supplement, it is available in two forms: as a free-form amino acid or as N-acetyl L-tyrosine, or NALT. NALT has a lower conversion rate within the body, making it less effective than its free-form counterpart for exercise supplementation. 


    The primary benefit of tyrosine supplements for exercise is that it preserves mental performance during periods of physical stress. When taken for this use, seven to ten grams are required for every 150 pounds of body weight. Taking higher doses of free-form tyrosine can lead to stomach upset, which is why, when taking a standalone supplement, most consumers take in two separate doses, once an hour before exercise and once a half-hour before exercise. 


    Is Tyrosine Safe? 

    This amino acid is considered to be safe for consumption by most people when it is taken short-term in doses up to 150 mg/kg per day for three months or less. It is also safe for topical application. However, there is not enough information available regarding its effects on children to suggest its use in supplement form without the supervision of a medical professional. 


    Who Should Avoid Tyrosine? 

    Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take tyrosine, as there has not been sufficient scientific study performed on its effects on infants. Those with Graves' disease or hyperthyroidism should also avoid tyrosine supplements, as the extra tyrosine is used by the body to create thyroxine, an essential thyroid hormone. Those who already suffer from high thyroxine levels may find that supplemental levels of tyrosine make their conditions worse. 


    Those taking MAOIs, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors, need to be careful about their consumption levels of high-tyramine foods. This is relevant to tyrosine supplementation in that tyramine occurs naturally in foods that are high in tyrosine and phenylalanine, which are converted into tyramine via enzymes produced by various microorganisms. While it has not been proven that tyrosine supplements lead to high tyramine levels in the human body, it's worth discussing this possibility with a medical professional prior to beginning use of supplements containing tyrosine. 


    Are There Any General Side Effects? 

    Like all supplements, taking tyrosine does come with the risk of contracting some mild side effects. These include nausea, headaches, heartburn, and fatigue. Patients who experience persistent side effects should seek medical attention prior to continuing their supplement regimens. 


    The Take-Away 

    Tyrosine is used in dietary supplements to improve mental performance, allowing consumers to focus better and perform better under periods of physical stress. The use of these supplements has been proven safe for most consumers, though it does have the potential to interact with certain medications. Anecdotal evidence regarding alternative uses of supplemental tyrosine requires further scientific evidence, though, so consumers looking to increase physical stamina and lose weight should take supplements that also contain amino acids and substances that are proven to impart physical benefits in addition to tyrosine. 

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Ornithine

    PS1000 Ingredients: Ornithine

    Ornithine and Its Potential Benefits for Weight Loss and Improving Body Composition 

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, used to create the various types of tissues in the body. A number of amino acids, including Ornithine, have some potential benefits in terms of weight loss and body composition. Because of this, Ornithine is one of the main ingredients in the popular weight loss supplement PS1000. 

    Increases Energy and Decreases Fatigue 

    In at least one study, participants that took Ornithine experienced more energy and less fatigue when riding stationary cycles than those who had taken a placebo. This may be due to the increased elimination of ammonia that occurs in the presence of Ornithine, as this is one of its actions in the body. Intense or prolonged exercise increases the amount of amount of ammonia in the body, increasing the need for Ornithine. Ornithine is also one of the amino acids responsible for supplying energy throughout the body because it’s necessary for the production of citrulline, proline, and glutamic acid, which all take part in this process. 

    Promotes the Secretion of Human Growth Hormone 

    One of the ways in which Ornithine may influence weight loss is through promoting the secretion of human growth hormone, or HGH. HGH increases the breakdown of fat storage cells and makes it so the body is less likely to store more fat. It’s most likely to be beneficial for weight loss purposes in those that are deficient in human growth hormone, but it may still have some effects in those that have sufficient HGH in their system. 

    May Promote an Increase in Muscle Mass 

    Ornithine helps with the disposal of extra nitrogen in the body, which means that it is essential for keeping the body in nitrogen balance. If the body isn’t in nitrogen balance, you won’t be able to put on more muscle. In fact, if the nitrogen balance is negative, you could even lose muscle. The increase in HGH, insulin, and other growth-promoting hormones brought about by increases in Ornithine and arginine may also promote muscle growth. 

    Promotes Fat Metabolism and Fat Loss 

    When people say they want to lose weight, what they really mean is that they want to lose fat. However, unless extra steps are taken when you cut calories or increase the amount of exercise you get, you’ll lose a mix of fat and muscle. Ornithine supplementation helps promote fat metabolism, so it may help with this problem. Eating plenty of protein and doing strength training while trying to lose weight will minimize muscle loss even more. 

    Works Better When Combined With Arginine or Lysine 

    These three amino acids all influence the secretion of human growth hormone, but the effects seem greater when you take them in combination than when you take them individually. This combination helped to improve lean body mass and total strength more than a placebo when combined with a strength training program in at least one study. Keep in mind that the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn even when you’re at rest, because it takes more calories to maintain each pound of muscle than to maintain each pound of fat. 

    May Increase Vasodilation 

    Vasodilation is the widening and relaxation of the blood vessels, which increases the circulation of blood throughout the body and decreases blood pressure levels. This means more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the muscles and more waste products, including the fatigue-producing ammonia and lactic acid, are removed from the muscles, allowing people to be able to train longer and harder and recover more quickly. 

    Helps Improve Healing 

    Sore muscles or injuries can make it harder for people to get the exercise they need to get closer to reaching their weight loss goals. Ornithine may help to improve healing in the tissues of the body, allowing you to get back to your regular workouts and start burning calories again more quickly. It may be possible to work out a little bit harder without being too sore to work out again the next day. 

    May Help Improve Sleep 

    Some research shows that Ornithine may help reduce stress and make it so people sleep better and suffer less from insomnia. Not getting enough sleep is associated with weight gain, so getting plenty of quality sleep is essential for those who are trying to lose weight. 

    Effects May Not Be As Significant in Strength-Trained People 

    If you’ve already been participating in a lot of strength training, you may not see as much benefit from taking this supplement as someone that is newer to this type of exercise, especially if you also follow a high-protein diet (which would provide you with at least a certain amount of Ornithine already). Women and younger individuals are likely to see more benefits that men and older individuals when taking these supplements. 

    Effects Greater in Combination with Diet and Exercise 

    A supplement alone will have minimal effects on a person’s weight and body composition. These supplements are most useful to increase the effects of a reduced calorie diet and exercise. Make dietary changes, such as following the PS1000 diet and making sure to get sufficient protein while limiting starchy and sugary foods. Also, incorporate 30 minutes to 60 minutes of cardio into your routine most days of the week and participate in at least two full-body strength training sessions each week, separated by at least one day of rest. 

    Be Aware of Potential Side Effects 

    While most people tolerate Ornithine supplements well, some people experience diarrhea, nausea, or abdominal cramps if they take higher doses of more than 10 grams per day. This supplement isn’t recommended for those who have kidney problems. 

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Valine

    PS1000 Ingredients: Valine

    The ps1000 diet supplement was created in 2009 as a safe and effective alternative to the many fad diets and sham products on today's market.  It is composed of natural amino acids and supplements that assist consumers with reducing body fat, optimizing metabolism, increasing energy, and improving muscle mass.   


    Those who have had bad experiences with dietary supplements in the past are, understandably, often wary of trying new products.  This article focuses on one primary ingredient in the PS1000 supplement called Valine, explaining its composition and uses and describing the scientific evidence supporting its use as a dietary supplement. 


    What is Valine? 

    Valine is a branched-chain amino acid that is commonly found in naturally occurring proteins.  It is important to note, however, that the body does not naturally produce valine, so this essential amino acid can only be obtained through eating foods with high-concentrations of valine or taking dietary supplements. Although there are plenty of foods that offer natural sources of valine, supplements are also available for both medical and performance-enhancing purposes. 


    What are Branched-Chain Amino Acids? 

    The term branched-chain refers to the chemical structure of valine and other amino acids falling under this general category.  There are also two other branched-chain amino acids that are commonly found in foods, known as leucine and isoleucine.  This group of amino acids is often referred to as BCAAs, which are commonly used in workout supplements. 


    BCAAs constitute a large portion of the body's total amino acid concentrations, representing between 35 and 40% of all essential amino acids present in a patient's body overall and between 14 and 18% of the amino acids found in the muscles.  In fact, these building blocks can be used by the body to create new muscle by stimulating cells to take in more sugar from the bloodstream, making them invaluable to healthy muscle development.  It's important to note, though, that valine is known to play a larger role in regulating blood and muscle sugar levels and producing energy than in building the muscle proteins themselves. 


    What Foods Naturally Contain BCAAs? 

    There are many foods that naturally contain a certain amount of branched-chain amino acids such as valine.  These include baked beans, lima beans, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, chickpeas, lentils, whole wheat, brown rice, certain types of nuts such as almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews, pumpkin seeds, and whey, milk, and soy proteins.  However, not all consumers are able to get enough valine and other BCAAs from food alone, especially when they are in the process of building muscle mass and losing weight, in which case the use of a supplement may be appropriate. 


    What are the Medical Applications of Valine? 

    Valine can be administered either intravenously or orally and is used within the medical field to treat muscle wasting, chronic loss of appetite, and certain types of brain disorder.  It is frequently prescribed to those who are suffering from lack of appetite due to cancer treatments and may also improve symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy and tardive dyskinesia, among other diseases.  Other reported medical uses of valine include treatment for diabetes and inherited forms of autism; however, there is not currently sufficient medical research to support these claims. 


    What are the Metabolic Benefits of Valine? 

    Valine acts as an effective appetite suppressant, which helps to explain its popularity in weight loss supplements.  However, its primary benefit is that it is able to increase exercise endurance and muscle tissue recovery in those who use it as a means of building healthy muscle mass.  In fact, its beneficial effects on muscle metabolism are so significant that it is often used by bodybuilders to promote muscle growth and supply energy through maintaining a proper amount of nitrogen in consumers' bodies. 


    What Other Benefits Does Valine Have? 

    Valine also plays an essential role in supporting smooth nervous system tissue and improving cognitive functioning.  It is also important to immune system regulation.  Unlike most amino acids, valine and other BCAAs are not processed by the liver but are instead taken up by the body's muscles, helping to explain why so many of their benefits pertain directly to athletes and dieters looking to build muscle mass. 


    How Can Valine Improve Exercise Routines? 

    Studies on exercise fatigue have shown that participants who are taking valine supplements experience up to 15% less physical and mental fatigue than control subjects.  Similar studies have shown that Valine and other BCAAs are actually most effective at reducing exercise-induced fatigue in individuals who have not received any formal athletic training.  This makes it a perfect candidate for inclusion in dietary supplements, which are generally marketed to average consumers rather than professional athletes. 


    In addition to reducing physical and mental fatigue due to exercise, valine can also help combat muscle soreness in athletes, with study participants reporting up to 33% less muscle soreness when taking valine as compared to control subjects who were given placebos.  The reason Valine can perform this valuable function is that BCAAs, in general, operate by lowering levels of the enzymes creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase in the bloodstream.  These enzymes are known to contribute to muscle damage, so avoiding excess production of them can help improve recovery times after intense exercise and even protect against muscle damage, to begin with. 


    The BCAA best supplements for increasing muscle mass include higher proportions of leucine than valine or isoleucine; however, these amino acids work together to support muscle health and growth.  Try to find a product that includes more than one branched-chain amino acid to reap maximum benefit from muscle-building supplements. 


    Is There Scientific Evidence That This Encourages Weight Loss? 

    The simple answer to this commonly-asked question is a resounding yes.  Observational studies report that dieters who consume at least 15 grams of BCAAs each day have a 30% lower risk of becoming overweight than those consuming only 12 grams per day.  Those taking BCAA supplements were also able to lose 0.6% more body fat when compared to those consuming soy protein, while weightlifters who were given 14 grams of BCAAs each day reported losing 1% more body fat over an eight-week period than study participants who were given 28 grams of whey protein each day. 


    Can Anyone Benefit from Valine? 

    BCAAs are known to cause interference with blood glucose levels in surgical and post-surgical patients, making supplements that contain valine inappropriate for use in patients intending to undergo surgery in the immediate future.  Other risk factors for developing excessively high blood glucose levels include chronic alcoholism and branched-chain ketoaciduria.  Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also avoid the use of valine and other BCAAs. 


    Patients who are taking certain kinds of medications and supplements should also avoid the use of valine and other BCAAs, as they are known to produce negative interactions with certain medications and foods.  Anyone taking pharmaceutical medications or supplements designed to treat the symptoms of diabetes or Parkinson's disease should consult his or her doctor prior to taking dietary supplements containing valine.  Those who are taking corticosteroids, Proglycem, or thyroid hormones should also consult a dedicated physician prior to taking valine and other BCAAs. 


    Does it Have Any Side Effects? 

    While there are no serious side effects associated with long-term use of valine supplements, some consumers have reported minor cases of pain, nausea, and headaches when taking these supplements for six months or longer.  These side effects often resolve themselves without additional medical attention. 

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    PS1000 Ingredients: Glycine

    PS1000 Ingredients: Glycine

    Potential Benefits of Glycine Supplementation During Weight Loss 

    Glycine is an important amino acid, and it’s also one of the supplements sometimes taken to help with weight loss and increasing muscle mass. As such, it’s one of the main ingredients in the popular weight loss supplement PS1000. There are a number of potential benefits to supplementing with glycine while trying to lose weight. 

    Helps Preserve Muscle During Weight Loss 

    At least one study has shown that taking glycine while on a weight loss diet helps to preserve muscle mass and prioritize fat loss as you lose weight. Normally, when you lose weight it comes off as a mix of muscle and body fat. Glycine appears to help counteract this effect. To further minimize muscle loss during weight loss, participate in regular strength training workouts while on your diet and make sure your diet contains plenty of protein. 

    Promotes Muscle Growth 

    As an amino acid, glycine is one of the building blocks for protein in the body. However, this isn’t the only reason why it’s good for muscle growth. It’s also one of the precursors of creatine, which many bodybuilders know helps provide muscles with energy so they can improve their strength, endurance, and performance. With more energy and endurance, you can work out longer and build more muscle. 

    Helps Keep Joints and Cartilage Healthy 

    Glycine is one of the amino acids that’s essential for forming the collagen that helps keep your joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage healthy and functioning well. If you’re in pain from sore joints or your joints are damaged, you won’t be able to work out as much, you won’t build as much muscle, and you won’t burn as many calories. 

    Improves Sleep Quality and Minimizes Fatigue 

    Glycine also plays a role in the central nervous system, helping to calm you down so you get a more restful night’s sleep. A lack of sleep is associated with weight gain, so this is particularly helpful for those who are watching their weight. Glycine may help improve REM sleep, lessen daytime sleepiness, improve the circadian rhythm, and help people function better even when they get less sleep. When fatigue is minimized, you can get more exercise and burn more calories throughout the day, thus improving weight loss results 

    Is Essential for Providing the Body with Oxygen 

    Another of glycine’s functions is to help with the production of HEME, which is a part of red blood cells. These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your body and providing the body with the necessary energy to go about your daily activities. If you’re not getting enough oxygen, you won’t be able to exercise as long or as strenuously, so you won’t burn as many calories or lose as much weight. 

    Decreases Inflammation and Enhances Wound Healing 

    This amino acid may be beneficial for decreasing inflammation, as it is an anti-inflammatory substance, and it may also help speed up wound healing. Glycine might be helpful for healing muscles that are overworked or damaged by your workouts. Both of these are helpful for making it possible for you to keep up with your workouts, burn calories, and lose weight. Having too much inflammation in the body is associated with gain as well as a number of different health problems, as it can cause insulin resistance, interfere with your hunger mechanism, and alter the amounts of metabolism-regulating hormones in the body. 

    May Increase Adiponectin Levels 

    Glycine may increase levels of the hormone adiponectin, which will help to improve the ability of your muscles to use carbohydrates for energy, increase the breakdown of fat in the body, decrease your appetite, and boost your metabolism. To further increase these effects, get more exercise, decrease your carbohydrate intake, and increase your monounsaturated fat intake. 

    May Increase Human Growth Hormone 

    This amino acid may cause an increase in human growth hormone, or HGH, in the body. HGH may, in turn, help to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, resulting in a better body composition, although it doesn’t necessarily decrease weight on its own. However, having more muscle and less fat in the body does tend to increase the metabolism, potentially making it a little easier to lose weight through diet and exercise. 

    Increases Insulin Sensitivity 

    Having appropriate levels of insulin sensitivity means you are at less of a risk for blood sugar swings. When insulin sensitivity is low, spikes and crashes in blood sugar are more likely, which means you’ll get spikes in energy and then crash and start to feel hungry again, making it harder to stick with a reduced calorie diet, such as the ps1000 diet, and lose weight. Getting more fiber in your diet can also help decrease spikes in blood sugar levels, as it slows down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. 

    Works Best in Combination with Diet and Exercise 

    Glycine supplements on their own will only have a minimal effect on weight and body composition. For the best results, you’ll need to follow a reduced-calorie diet and get regular exercise. For weight loss, experts recommend getting between 30 minutes and 60 minutes of cardio most days of the week. And don’t forget the strength training, as this is the best way to minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss during weight loss. Aim for at least two full-body strength training workouts each week separated by at least one day of recovery. 

    Other Potential Health Benefits 

    Preliminary evidence shows that glycine may be beneficial for the treatment of schizophrenia, blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes, limiting brain damage from strokes, improving memory, and the treatment of leg ulcers. There may also be some beneficial effects when it’s used for the prevention or treatment of cancer, but further research is necessary to verify these potential beneficial health effects and determine the appropriate dosage. 

    Consider the Potential Side Effects 

    Some people experience a slight sedative effect when taking glycine supplements, so when taking glycine as a stand-alone supplement in relatively high doses, it’s a good idea to take it in the evening rather than in the morning. If you have diarrhea, glycine could make it worse, so avoid taking glycine until the condition improves. 


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