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    Bright Line Review

    Bright Line Review

    Verdict Bright Line Eating is backed by sound science and rational explanations. No food group is eliminated in its entirety, so it can be considered a healthy, wholesome eating plan. Apart from the weight loss benefits, it promises freedom from many metabolic diseases and medication and also an energy boost from the high leptin levels.  […]

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    Written by Kylie Daniels

    Kylie Daniels

    My name is Kylie Daniels and I have a strong passion for health and nutrition. I was raised in Southern California, and am now attending Boise State University in Idaho to complete my B.B.A. degree in General Business and Marketing. My interest began a few years back when I was a part of the opening of a brand new juice bar. Here I learned the importance of eating healthy, balanced exercise, and the power of a nutritional lifestyle. This education has inspired me to research the latest diets, cleanses, and products to help guide you to be your best self!

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    5 Natural Ways For Varicose Veins

    Along with genetics, varicose veins can be formed from poor blood circulation

    Along with genetics, varicose veins can be formed from poor blood circulation

    5 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Unwanted Varicose Veins

    We have all seen the infamous blue and back veins overtaking the beautiful legs of an individual. More often than not it takes over your self-esteem, making you never want to show your legs in public ever again. Many times, varicose veins are genetic but there are onslaughts of ways you can prevent them from becoming unmanageable. Varicose veins are gnarled and mangled veins that are more often than not a cosmetic concern. However, there are times when pain is a symptom from varicose veins, and treatment may be in order. They appear in the legs and feet, as there is much more pressure going to these parts of the body.

    Symptoms of Varicose Veins:

    • Veins on your legs and feet that are dark purple or blue in color.
    • Veins that appear to be twisted and bulging.
    • When your legs feel achy or heavy it may cause pain.
    • Skin ulcers forming near your ankles causing threat of a serious vascular disease. Always see a doctor if this is happening to you.

    Along with genetics, varicose veins can be formed from poor blood circulation throughout the body. There are some at home remedies that can clear up embarrassing patches of these colorful veins, and they are rather simple to follow:

    5 Home Remedies To Clear Up Varicose Veins:

    1. Apple Cider Vingear: Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural home remedy for many different medical conditions, especially varicose veins because of its antibacterial properties. It naturally cleanses the body, so it naturally promotes the health of your blood circulation. When healthy blood gets flowing again, it will naturally take down the swelling of the varicose veins.

    To use: You can either apply the apple cider vinegar directly on the veins before going to bed, or you can drink a daily-diluted solution. If applying topically, simply take as much undiluted cider as needed, and massage on the affected veins morning and night. You will repeat this process for several months before noticing a smaller appearance in the veins. If you would prefer drinking the apple cider vinegar, simply dilute two teaspoons to a small cup of water and stir it well. Repeat this process twice a day for one month to see results.


    1. Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil: Because blood circulation is so important when dealing with varicose veins, rubbing a soft solution such as olive oil and vitamin E oil on the area will aid in proper blood flow.

    To use: Simply add one part olive oil to one part vitamin E oil and warm up slightly. Once the oils are warm, massage lightly onto the affected area. Repeat this twice a day, for at least one month to improve blood circulation and see results.

    1. Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is a very effective herb known to strengthen blood vessels, which is sorely needed when dealing with varicose veins. It contains gallic acid along with other essential oils that help with the pain that varicose veins can cause as well.

    To use: Take a warm washcloth and soak it in witch hazel before applying to the affected areas. Repeat this process three times daily for a month or two to notice optimal results. You can also fill a bathtub up with about 20 drops of witch hazel drops, while soaking for at least 15 minutes. Dry off your body with clean water, and repeat daily for about 1-2 months.

    1. Avoid Sitting or Standing Too Long: Because prolonged sitting (at a desk) or standing can cause unwanted pressure on your legs, be mindful of how long you are doing either one. Crossing your legs has also been said to cause varicose veins because it cuts off blood supply to the legs. Mix things up, and keep moving to avoid veins that become clotted and irritated. When you are at home, try elevating your legs when you are relaxing, to encourage positive blood flow and circulation.
    2. Exercise Daily: While this may seem like a no-brainer to some people, it often gets overlooked when talking about varicose veins. Proper exercise is really essential for your overall health and wellness, but it dramatically can affect the appearance of your varicose veins for the better. Not only does exercise promote blood circulation throughout the body, it also keeps unwanted weight off. The more weight you have, the more pressure gets put on your legs and feet causing worse outbreaks of varicose veins.

    There are many home remedies that can help you diminish the appearance of embarrassing varicose veins. If you symptoms get worse, you may want to consult your doctor for a further diagnosis. If you are experiencing pain and swelling, always consult a doctor, as it could result in cardiovascular problems down the road. Varicose veins are a very common problem that many people will face in their lifetime, but with these simple home remedies they should hopefully diminish!


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    Written by Sharon Smith

    Sharon Smith

    Sharon Smith is a health education specialist and writer of 7 years. After receiving her masters degree in public health and Certified Health Education Specialist designation, she began her writing career by designing worksite wellness programs and health promotion materials for AirTran Airways and the Medical College of Georgia. Besides writing, Sharon loves counseling patients on making better health decisions, cuddling with her little dog Annie, and drinking coffee like it's going out of style.

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    Scabies Relief

    3 Natural Ways To Eliminate Scabies For Good

    scabie 3 natural ways to heal

    3 Natural Ways To Eliminate Scabies For Good

    We have all had nightmares about the creepy crawly bugs that can burrow into our skin, ears, and noses, when all of the sudden we wake up and realize it is a bigger threat than we thought. Scabies is one of those infestations of the skin that can leave us itching nonstop, and with a painful red rash. As defined by The Center for Disease Control, “Scabies is not an infection, but an infestation. Tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei set up shop in the outer layers of human skin. The skin does not take kindly to the invasion. As the mites burrow and lay eggs inside the skin, the infestation leads to relentless itching and an angry rash.” (CDC, 2010). The symptoms of scabies don’t tend to show up until 4-6 weeks after the mites have infested the skin if you are affected for the first time. During this time period, you are able to spread scabies to a person if you have prolonged skin contact with them. [1]

    How Scabies Can Spread:

    Prolonged Skin Contact (ie: sexual intercourse with the infected person, sharing of towels, clothing or bedding.)
    If you live in the same household as the affected person, you are at a higher threat for getting scabies due to sharing common household items such as furniture, laundry facilities, and the kitchen.

    Symptoms of Scabies:

    Severe Itching of the Skin: The itching has been said to become more intense at night.
    Thin Burrow Tracks: This will result in small red bumps along the top later of your skin. (Mayo, 2015).

    According to the Mayo Clinic, the areas that are most affected when contracting scabies are:

    • Between fingers
    • In armpits
    • Around your waist
    • Along the insides of wrists
    • On your inner elbow
    • On the soles of your feet
    • Around breasts
    • Around the male genital area
    • On buttocks
    • On knees
    • On shoulder blades

    In infants and young children, common sites of infestation include the:

    • Scalp
    • Face
    • Neck
    • Palms of the hands and soles of feet


    3 Natural Home Remedies to Help Get Rid of Scabies:[4]

    1. Apply Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is a natural remedy for many skin infections, including scabies. Tea tree oil helps balance the PH levels of the skin because it is slightly acidic, and it will slowly kill off the mites trying to live in your skin. According to beyond disease, “Tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol which directly attacks and eliminates the scabies parasite.” (Beyond Disease, 2015). To use, simply fill up your bathtub with warm water, and drop 12-15 drops of tea tree oil in the water. Soak twice a day for 15 minutes. If you do not have time for a soak, simply mix one part tea tree oil to one part olive oil and apply directly to the infected area. Let the skin soak up the solution, and do not rub off. [3]

    2. Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide: Borax is a natural insecticide and fungicide that will help kill off the mites. Hydrogen peroxide is used as a natural antibacterial agent (hence why we pour hydrogen peroxide in open wounds). These two substances together can do a major number on the mites that have invaded your skin. To apply, simply fill a bathtub up with lukewarm water and mix in two cups of borax and one cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water. Soak once a day for 15 minutes until you notice your skin clearing up.

    3. Apply Lavender Oil: We all known lavender oil is used for relieving stress, but it is also a huge contender when talking about killing off mites. Using lavender oil will also aid in skin regeneration, which will allow your body to get rid of the infected skin. To apply lavender oil, mix equal parts of lavender oil to olive oil and apply to the affected area. Do not rub off, as the skin needs time to soak in the solution. You can apply several times throughout a day, and repeat until you see your skin clearing up. You can also combine lavender oil with a small amount of rubbing alcohol (on a q-tip) because rubbing alcohol is a strong astringent, which will help kill off the mites. Apply twice a day until the symptoms subside.

    If you or the person you are living with is infected with the Scabies disease, there are many preventative measures you can take to ensure your home and personal items will not infect others.

    When doing your laundry, make sure you clothing is completely dry, as the mite eggs will be eliminated in temperatures over 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius). The same goes for your towels and sheets, run them through the laundry on hot, as well as dry them thoroughly to ensure that the mites and their eggs are killed. Rugs, and furniture are not normally affected unless the person has “crusted” scabies, in which they will have to go to a doctor to be treated. If you suspect that you or your household members are affected with scabies, always check with a doctor for a proper diagnosis. [5]


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    Written by Dr. Ayesha Khan

    Dr. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan is a registered physician, former research fellow at New York University and an enthusiastic blogger. She authored several articles on healthcare topics in renowned newspapers and scientific journals. Her blogs span a wide range of topics; from nutrition and wellness to supplements, medical research, hospital administration and evidence-based application of alternative medicine. She is currently pursuing an MBA from Drexel University Philadelphia and loves reading and networking in her spare time.

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