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    Rockin Refuel Review

    Rockin Refuel by Shamrock Foods is a milk-based protein beverage marketed to the sports enthusiasts and teams around the country. These ready-to-drink protein shakes come in a variety of types depending on your body needs. They can be purchased at Publix, Kroger, Speedway, and Winn-Dixie stores in a variety of different states. Shamrock Foods has been in business for over 60 years, but Rockin Refuel drinks […]

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    Written by Kylie Daniels

    Kylie Daniels

    My name is Kylie Daniels and I have a strong passion for health and nutrition. I was raised in Southern California, and am now attending Boise State University in Idaho to complete my B.B.A. degree in General Business and Marketing. My interest began a few years back when I was a part of the opening of a brand new juice bar. Here I learned the importance of eating healthy, balanced exercise, and the power of a nutritional lifestyle. This education has inspired me to research the latest diets, cleanses, and products to help guide you to be your best self!

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    5 Natural Ways For Varicose Veins

    Along with genetics, varicose veins can be formed from poor blood circulation

    Along with genetics, varicose veins can be formed from poor blood circulation

    5 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Unwanted Varicose Veins

    We have all seen the infamous blue and back veins overtaking the beautiful legs of an individual. More often than not it takes over your self-esteem, making you never want to show your legs in public ever again. Many times, varicose veins are genetic but there are onslaughts of ways you can prevent them from becoming unmanageable. Varicose veins are gnarled and mangled veins that are more often than not a cosmetic concern. However, there are times when pain is a symptom from varicose veins, and treatment may be in order. They appear in the legs and feet, as there is much more pressure going to these parts of the body.

    Symptoms of Varicose Veins:

    • Veins on your legs and feet that are dark purple or blue in color.
    • Veins that appear to be twisted and bulging.
    • When your legs feel achy or heavy it may cause pain.
    • Skin ulcers forming near your ankles causing threat of a serious vascular disease. Always see a doctor if this is happening to you.

    Along with genetics, varicose veins can be formed from poor blood circulation throughout the body. There are some at home remedies that can clear up embarrassing patches of these colorful veins, and they are rather simple to follow:

    5 Home Remedies To Clear Up Varicose Veins:

    1. Apple Cider Vingear: Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural home remedy for many different medical conditions, especially varicose veins because of its antibacterial properties. It naturally cleanses the body, so it naturally promotes the health of your blood circulation. When healthy blood gets flowing again, it will naturally take down the swelling of the varicose veins.

    To use: You can either apply the apple cider vinegar directly on the veins before going to bed, or you can drink a daily-diluted solution. If applying topically, simply take as much undiluted cider as needed, and massage on the affected veins morning and night. You will repeat this process for several months before noticing a smaller appearance in the veins. If you would prefer drinking the apple cider vinegar, simply dilute two teaspoons to a small cup of water and stir it well. Repeat this process twice a day for one month to see results.


    1. Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil: Because blood circulation is so important when dealing with varicose veins, rubbing a soft solution such as olive oil and vitamin E oil on the area will aid in proper blood flow.

    To use: Simply add one part olive oil to one part vitamin E oil and warm up slightly. Once the oils are warm, massage lightly onto the affected area. Repeat this twice a day, for at least one month to improve blood circulation and see results.

    1. Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is a very effective herb known to strengthen blood vessels, which is sorely needed when dealing with varicose veins. It contains gallic acid along with other essential oils that help with the pain that varicose veins can cause as well.

    To use: Take a warm washcloth and soak it in witch hazel before applying to the affected areas. Repeat this process three times daily for a month or two to notice optimal results. You can also fill a bathtub up with about 20 drops of witch hazel drops, while soaking for at least 15 minutes. Dry off your body with clean water, and repeat daily for about 1-2 months.

    1. Avoid Sitting or Standing Too Long: Because prolonged sitting (at a desk) or standing can cause unwanted pressure on your legs, be mindful of how long you are doing either one. Crossing your legs has also been said to cause varicose veins because it cuts off blood supply to the legs. Mix things up, and keep moving to avoid veins that become clotted and irritated. When you are at home, try elevating your legs when you are relaxing, to encourage positive blood flow and circulation.
    2. Exercise Daily: While this may seem like a no-brainer to some people, it often gets overlooked when talking about varicose veins. Proper exercise is really essential for your overall health and wellness, but it dramatically can affect the appearance of your varicose veins for the better. Not only does exercise promote blood circulation throughout the body, it also keeps unwanted weight off. The more weight you have, the more pressure gets put on your legs and feet causing worse outbreaks of varicose veins.

    There are many home remedies that can help you diminish the appearance of embarrassing varicose veins. If you symptoms get worse, you may want to consult your doctor for a further diagnosis. If you are experiencing pain and swelling, always consult a doctor, as it could result in cardiovascular problems down the road. Varicose veins are a very common problem that many people will face in their lifetime, but with these simple home remedies they should hopefully diminish!


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    Written by Sharon Smith

    Sharon Smith

    Sharon Smith is a health education specialist and writer of 7 years. After receiving her masters degree in public health and Certified Health Education Specialist designation, she began her writing career by designing worksite wellness programs and health promotion materials for AirTran Airways and the Medical College of Georgia. Besides writing, Sharon loves counseling patients on making better health decisions, cuddling with her little dog Annie, and drinking coffee like it's going out of style.

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    Scabies Relief

    3 Natural Ways To Eliminate Scabies For Good

    scabie 3 natural ways to heal

    3 Natural Ways To Eliminate Scabies For Good

    We have all had nightmares about the creepy crawly bugs that can burrow into our skin, ears, and noses, when all of the sudden we wake up and realize it is a bigger threat than we thought. Scabies is one of those infestations of the skin that can leave us itching nonstop, and with a painful red rash. As defined by The Center for Disease Control, “Scabies is not an infection, but an infestation. Tiny mites called Sarcoptes scabiei set up shop in the outer layers of human skin. The skin does not take kindly to the invasion. As the mites burrow and lay eggs inside the skin, the infestation leads to relentless itching and an angry rash.” (CDC, 2010). The symptoms of scabies don’t tend to show up until 4-6 weeks after the mites have infested the skin if you are affected for the first time. During this time period, you are able to spread scabies to a person if you have prolonged skin contact with them. [1]

    How Scabies Can Spread:

    Prolonged Skin Contact (ie: sexual intercourse with the infected person, sharing of towels, clothing or bedding.)
    If you live in the same household as the affected person, you are at a higher threat for getting scabies due to sharing common household items such as furniture, laundry facilities, and the kitchen.

    Symptoms of Scabies:

    Severe Itching of the Skin: The itching has been said to become more intense at night.
    Thin Burrow Tracks: This will result in small red bumps along the top later of your skin. (Mayo, 2015).

    According to the Mayo Clinic, the areas that are most affected when contracting scabies are:

    • Between fingers
    • In armpits
    • Around your waist
    • Along the insides of wrists
    • On your inner elbow
    • On the soles of your feet
    • Around breasts
    • Around the male genital area
    • On buttocks
    • On knees
    • On shoulder blades

    In infants and young children, common sites of infestation include the:

    • Scalp
    • Face
    • Neck
    • Palms of the hands and soles of feet


    3 Natural Home Remedies to Help Get Rid of Scabies:[4]

    1. Apply Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is a natural remedy for many skin infections, including scabies. Tea tree oil helps balance the PH levels of the skin because it is slightly acidic, and it will slowly kill off the mites trying to live in your skin. According to beyond disease, “Tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol which directly attacks and eliminates the scabies parasite.” (Beyond Disease, 2015). To use, simply fill up your bathtub with warm water, and drop 12-15 drops of tea tree oil in the water. Soak twice a day for 15 minutes. If you do not have time for a soak, simply mix one part tea tree oil to one part olive oil and apply directly to the infected area. Let the skin soak up the solution, and do not rub off. [3]

    2. Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide: Borax is a natural insecticide and fungicide that will help kill off the mites. Hydrogen peroxide is used as a natural antibacterial agent (hence why we pour hydrogen peroxide in open wounds). These two substances together can do a major number on the mites that have invaded your skin. To apply, simply fill a bathtub up with lukewarm water and mix in two cups of borax and one cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water. Soak once a day for 15 minutes until you notice your skin clearing up.

    3. Apply Lavender Oil: We all known lavender oil is used for relieving stress, but it is also a huge contender when talking about killing off mites. Using lavender oil will also aid in skin regeneration, which will allow your body to get rid of the infected skin. To apply lavender oil, mix equal parts of lavender oil to olive oil and apply to the affected area. Do not rub off, as the skin needs time to soak in the solution. You can apply several times throughout a day, and repeat until you see your skin clearing up. You can also combine lavender oil with a small amount of rubbing alcohol (on a q-tip) because rubbing alcohol is a strong astringent, which will help kill off the mites. Apply twice a day until the symptoms subside.

    If you or the person you are living with is infected with the Scabies disease, there are many preventative measures you can take to ensure your home and personal items will not infect others.

    When doing your laundry, make sure you clothing is completely dry, as the mite eggs will be eliminated in temperatures over 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius). The same goes for your towels and sheets, run them through the laundry on hot, as well as dry them thoroughly to ensure that the mites and their eggs are killed. Rugs, and furniture are not normally affected unless the person has “crusted” scabies, in which they will have to go to a doctor to be treated. If you suspect that you or your household members are affected with scabies, always check with a doctor for a proper diagnosis. [5]


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    Written by Dr. Ayesha Khan

    Dr. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan is a registered physician, former research fellow at New York University and an enthusiastic blogger. She authored several articles on healthcare topics in renowned newspapers and scientific journals. Her blogs span a wide range of topics; from nutrition and wellness to supplements, medical research, hospital administration and evidence-based application of alternative medicine. She is currently pursuing an MBA from Drexel University Philadelphia and loves reading and networking in her spare time.

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    The New Body Type Guide Review

    It categorizes people into distinct groups based on their metabolic status.  

    The New Body Type Guide Review

    “The New Body Type Guide” Claims

    The New Body Type Guide is a comprehensive work by Chiropractor Dr. Eric Berg. It categorizes people into distinct groups based on their metabolic status.  Dr. Berg is quite popular for his earlier diet book called “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning[1]” that helped innumerable people understand the role of hormones in controlling weight gain. It enabled many of them to self-regulate their hormonal status and food intake to achieve successful weight loss. The New Body Type Guide takes it one step ahead by providing a thorough understanding of one’s body type to make the weight loss efforts even more effective.

    Most of us are familiar with the fruit-shape based body typing which compares the overall shape of the body to fruits such as apple, pear or banana depending on the areas of major fat deposition. While your tendency to accumulate fat in specific areas can give some indication of how your body works, it’s more useful for choosing your wardrobe rather than your diet. The new body types depicted by Dr Eric Berg delve deeper than outward appearances. He describes the typical characteristics of each body type and gives credible explanations of why those types are different.

    Healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and exercise specialists often advise overweight and obese people to lose weight to become healthy.[1] Dr. Berg, on the other hand, insists that one has to first become healthy to lose extra weight. According to him, it’s not overeating or lack of exercise per se that causes weight gain, but glandular dysfunctions that predispose people to eating disorders and lethargy. Unless those root causes are tackled and set right, no amount of exercise or starving can give lasting results. That’s exactly why people who temporarily lose weight through severely calorie-restricted diets and rigorous exercise regimen often gain back all the lost weight, and some more, within 1-5 years.[2]

    It is common knowledge that some people respond well to certain diets while those same diets have little or no effect on others. The same is true about exercise programs. The New Body Types explains why it is so, and how people belonging to different types can do things differently to achieve desired weight loss. Four main body types are recognized, although some people may be a combination of two or more types.

    This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. ExpertsKnowBest.com disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information. *Results may vary.

    Does “The New Body Type Guide” Have Scientific Backing?

    The Adrenal Type

    Adrenal glands are a pair of small organs found on top of the kidneys. They secrete the hormone adrenaline in response to stress.[1] Adrenaline is called the fight-or-flight hormone because it prepares the body to respond to danger with either fighting or taking flight. This hormone can be a lifesaver in the face of real danger, because it brings in extra glucose and oxygen into the muscles by increasing blood supply. But, more often than not, adrenaline is produced in our body in response to stress from everyday situations that pose no real danger.

    When adrenaline levels remain high, it produces many side effects such as irritability, poor sleep quality, and unnecessary anxiety. It also triggers the production of cortisol, another hormone produced by the same gland.[1] This hormone is associated with weight gain in the upper part of the body, especially face, chest, and the abdominal area. Poor sleep also contributes to weight gain because growth hormones that favor fat burn are produced during sleep at night.

    People of adrenal body type find it difficult or even impossible to lose weight with calorie restricted diets. That’s because starvation increases stress, which, in turn, increases the production of adrenaline and cortisol. Strenuous workouts also have a similar effect, and sabotage their weight loss efforts. Adrenal type happens to be the most common body type. Dr. Berg’s advice to the Adrenal type is to take it easy, supply the body with the nutrients that support proper adrenal function and, most importantly, get sufficient sleep.

    The Thyroid Type

    Thyroid is an endocrine organ (hormone producing gland) found in the front lower neck portion, but it produces hormones that regulate cell metabolism, heart function and overall physical and mental development.[1] Proper functioning of thyroid is essential for weight management because it also controls appetite and gut function, including the utilization of glucose and basal metabolic rate. A sluggish thyroid could be the reason for weight gain in many people. Thyroid body types accumulate fat all over the body rather than concentrating it in any specific area. Other characteristic symptoms are hair loss and ridged nails.

    Many women struggling with obesity, especially following childbirth have thyroid problems. That is because of excess circulating levels of the hormone estrogen during pregnancy tend to suppress thyroid function.

    The Ovary Type

    Ovaries are a pair of small reproductive organs found on either side of the uterus in women. Besides producing eggs during their reproductive phase, they also act as endocrine glands secreting hormones.[1]  Overactive ovaries can cause hormonal imbalance that may lead to weight gain, particularly in the lower abdomen and thighs. Sagging stomach and saddlebags constitute the typical Ovary type body shape. It may be accompanied by heavy and painful periods, bloating, facial hair, and acne. Extra estrogen production during pregnancy can turn an Ovary type person into a Thyroid type person after childbirth and result in further fat deposition all over the body.

    The Liver Type

    Liver is the largest internal organ in the body occupying the upper portion of abdomen. It is the main chemical factory of the body and performs various functions related to digestion and absorption of food, glucose metabolism, and protein synthesis. People with Liver type body typically have big bellies and thin legs. Although the protruding stomach makes them look fat, they have low levels of body fat. The bulge is due to ascites––a collection of fluid in the abdominal cavity as a result of liver dysfunction.[1] One characteristic of Liver type is craving for carbohydrates because fats are not properly digested due to insufficient production of bile. Other symptoms include gas and abdominal discomfort after eating and irritability in the morning due to low blood sugar.

    Most Trending Diets In 2019

    RankDiet ProgramShort-TermLong-TermWebsiteReview
    #1PS1000 Program
    #3Weight Watchers
    #4Jenny Craig

    *Individual results will vary.

    Information on this website is not to replace the advise of the doctor, but rather for general education purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be considered as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any diet or taking any dietary supplements.

    Articles, reviews and investigations are our own opinion, and written based on the information publicly available or simply contacting the companies. We try our best to stay up to date with constantly changing information. If you find any information inaccurate, please email us, we’ll verify for accuracy and update it.

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    What Are “The New Body Type Guide” Side Effects?”

    Nutritional Profile

    The nutritional profile of the diet varies with the body type. The high protein and fat allowances of the Adrenal and Ovary types ensures a regular supply of all the essential nutrients. The diet also includes large amounts of vegetables, which provide fiber as well as vitamins and minerals.

    As for the Thyroid and Liver types that are required to stick to a low protein-low fat diet, they may be lacking in some of the nutrients, especially fat soluble A and D vitamins. They may require extra food supplements to make up the deficit. Dr. Berg’s specially formulated products may serve as a good source.

    Is “The New Body Type Guide” Effective?

    Do People Lose Weight with the New Body Type Guide?

    The book is actually named Dr. Berg's New Body Type Guide: Get Healthy Lose Weight & Feel Great[1]. According to the author, that is the exact sequence of events: you need to first get healthy to lose excess weight. Correct nutrition––taking in food that contains the specific nutrients your body type requires and avoiding certain items that have a negative effect on your endocrine function––is the key to regulating your metabolism and weight.

    Dieters who have found it nearly impossible to lose weight or to keep it off with other weight loss diets not only get to know why it was so but also find new, extremely effective  ways to achieve their goal. For example, a weight loss diet that required people to consume large quantities of cruciferous vegetables––cabbage, kale, and broccoli––would have worked well for some people. However, if you are a Thyroid type, it wouldn’t have helped you shed pounds because these vegetables suppress thyroid function by depleting iodine. Recognizing your body type is the first step, and then all it takes is following the diet guidelines for healing. Weight loss comes as a natural outcome.  

    Is Exercise Involved?

    Exercise is not projected as essential to weight loss in this guide. To many overweight people who consider workouts to be the hardest part of weight loss programs, Dr. Berg’s recommendations may come as a relief. Excessive fat deposition is viewed as a disease symptom resulting from hormonal imbalance, so the focus is on treating the underlying problem, not adding to the stress by introducing exercise.

    The Adrenal type in particular should avoid all forms of physical exertion over and above a sedate walk on level ground. Not only actual workouts, but the very requirement of having to exercise can be stressful and produce a negative effect. At the same time, Dr. Berg’s Body Type Program outlines when and how people can safely exercise and derive health benefits.

    Level of Effort

    The effort required to follow through the nutritional program varies depending on your body type. For instance, people of Adrenal and Ovary body types are encouraged to eat lots of protein and fat, particularly animal protein and fat. Most dieters would find it surprisingly easy to follow compared to the many starvation diets they would have tried in the past with little effect. But, Liver and Thyroid types are prescribed a low protein-low fat diet, which may be relatively harder.

    Similarly, Ovary and Thyroid Types should avoid soy protein, but for entirely different reasons––soy proteins suppress thyroid function in Thyroid types but exacerbate the symptoms of Ovary types since it increases estrogen levels. Soy protein is very hard to avoid, since most ready-made foods, including health bars and protein shakes have soy in some form of other. Vegetarians and vegans also might find the food guidelines relatively hard; they have limited sources of good protein, except for spirulina.

    “The New Body Type Guide” Support

    If finding the right nutrients for your body type is hard, one could depend on Dr. Berg’s nutritional supplements tailor-made for different body types. They are available through the website. Additionally, The Body Type Program available online, would guide you through food and exercise choices for your body type. These product and services obviously cost quite a bit. But the book, available for under $20, is a small investment for the wealth of knowledge it provides.

    Bottom Line

    The Cost Factor

    The cost of the New Body Type Guide is only a small part of the diet. The specific food requirements of each body type have to be met either through freshly prepared foods or specially formulated supplements or a combination of both. Processed foods should be excluded from the diet as they may contain lots of additives such as soy protein that can harm some body types. Healthy, organically grown produce is a must, and they should be consumed in large amounts, especially the vegetables. This can increase your grocery bills, not to mention the cost of supplements if you decide to take them as well.


    •    Creates Healthy Habits
    •    Provides Weight Loss.
    •    Cost Of Going Organic Food

    •    Cost Of Recommended Supplements

    The New Body Type Guide contains invaluable insights into metabolism and nutrition. It can work as your personal guide to understand your own body and its unique nutritional needs. Since no one else understands your body as well as you can, it is worth learning how you can tackle your weight issues as well as other health problems through correct diet that you can work out for yourself.


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    Written by Mackenzie Mealey

    Mackenzie Mealey

    My name is Mackenzie Mealey and I’ve had a love for the health and fitness field since I was 13. I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ for 23 years with my parents and 2 sisters and attended Paradise Valley Community College to obtain my Nutrition and Dietetics Degree. Life had some other plans that lead me to move up by extended family where I also met my significant other and we get to hike, ride our motorcycles and take care of our 2 dogs. In the last 5 years I developed several food allergies which has driven me to further pursue my knowledge in the food and health field around us to help educate those around me on how to better themselves.

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    Cloud Bread Recipe

    Ever Dream Of Eating White Bread While Losing Weight? Now You Can!

    One of the things most of us miss while trying to be good and eat clean is white bread. Here is good news! Whoever invented this delicious heavenly alternative should be thanked a lot. It is a saving grace for many of us white bread addicts. I thank you, whoever you are from the bottom of all of us!

    Prep Time: 10min                Servings: 8                  Total Cooking Time: 40min

    Ingredientscloud bread recipe

    3 large eggs, at room temperature
    1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
    Pinch of kosher salt
    2 oz. cream cheese, softened


    • Preheat the oven to 300°and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
    • Separate egg whites from yolks into two medium glass bowls. Add cream of tartar and salt to egg whites, then using a hand mixer, beat until stiff peaks from, 2 to 3 minutes. Add cream cheese to egg yolks, then, using a hand mixer, mix yolks and cream cheese until combined. Gently fold egg yolk mixture into egg whites.
    • Divide mixture into 8 mounds on prepared baking sheet, spacing them about 4” apart.
    • Bake until golden, 25 to 30 minutes.
    • Immediately sprinkle each piece of bread with cheese and bake about 2 to 3 minutes more. Let cool slightly.

    Enjoy and make sure to share this goodness with others!

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    Written by Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones

    My name is Lauren, and I come from a longstanding background of fitness and nutrition. Whether it be hiking, running, camping, or just enjoying cooking in the kitchen I have made health a focal point of my life. I love to incorporate movement, and wellness in everything I do!


    35 posts